charcoal briquette

  1. B

    B&B Sale @ Walmart 56.6 cents / lb for the 20 lb bag Friend just let me know about this. got 10 bags!
  2. BenM

    New to WSM - question about the amount of charcoal to use?

    When using my 18" WSM, how much coal do I put in the ring and my chimney when I am making ribs, brisket, and pork butt? Do I put in the same amount for each type of meat different need different amounts? And what about cold smoking something like a 2-pound chunk of cheese? Thank you
  3. Sam Bee

    Weber Briquettes - $9.99/bag!

    I meant $9.88/bag. Only at BrandsMart USA though, I think their stores are in Florida and Georgia. Good price if you live near those stores.
  4. C

    How much charcoal?

    I am planning to smoke a 12 pound turkey for 16 hours in my 18" WSM at 220 degrees. The smoker is equipped with an automatic temperature controller and I will be burning Weber charcoal briquettes with a few chunks of oak thrown in. How much cold charcoal do you think I will need? How much hot...
  5. John Neuser

    Looking for a Kingsford sale

    Given the experience base of the contributors on this forum can some of you tell me when I can expect to start seeing some Kingsford sales? I'm down to about a bag and a half. If it matters, I live in Connecticut and have a Lowes, HD and Walmart in the immediate area.Thank you.
  6. L

    Reusing Partially Burned Charcoal

    I've seen several references to closing the top damper to kill the fire and save charcoal. In my first smoke I used a full load of charcoal and cooked a pork butt for 10 hours. I was surprised at the amount of unburned charcoal was left after I killed fire and am sure I could have gone another...
  7. G

    Preloading Charcoal Night Before for "Overnight" Brisket

    Hi, I've done about 5 cooks with my 18" WSM so far. I've done the high heat brisket a few times and it's pretty great but I'm hoping that an overnight cook is going to make the brisket much more tender. I have two questions. 1) Does anyone know if I can pre-load the charcoal in the chamber the...
  8. B


    Royal Oak Chefs Select 40LB BRIQUETTE CHARCOAL Any one looking for a good deal on Royal Oak Chefs Select, might want to check this out. I bought a bag two weeks ago, it arrived at my local hardware store in just three days. I have not tried it yet. But I do plan on trying it this weekend. Link...