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  • Hi Bob, Just watched DDD and they had a resturant called HWY61 Roadhouse. The rice,beans and pork hocks looked really good,as did everything he made. Have you ever been there? Have a great day . Chuck Dugas.
    Hi Bob, Question?
    Did you ever eat at the Shaved Duck? I seen it on DDD on the Food Channel. It sure looked interesting.
    Have a great day.
    Hey Bob, it's funny, I was thinking about doing some yard bird this weekend and went into the sauces, mops and such section. You'll never guess who's post I came across first.....yours. I've seen a few others mention Wickers, I googled it and found a half gallon for $25, delivered. If I like a lot I may just guzzle or wear it for colon :)
    I had longer wires on my old Maverick, than the ones on my new one.
    Not sure how long they are, and the new unit has not been used yet.
    I guess it would depend on your setup, but the longer ones are nice.
    Hey Bob, I was looking into the maverick temperature gauge. I noticed that you can purchase a 6' meat line and a 6' external line. They state that they are for smoking and I've noticed thta some use the and I think I noticed one in the pic you just sent me about using the kettle to smoke. Should I invest in the 6' lines when I purchase this?
    Hey Bob, I'm not interrupting any poker game with beer labels on peoples heads am I?;) I was wondering what temp I should shoot for, for tomorrow's chuck eyes? I have 3, about 1 1/2" thick. How about a time? I was thinking about searing them real quick and then moving them over to a cool spot for the remainder of the time. Is this how I should attempt these? I've never cooked them before. Thanks Bob and I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!:D
    Winna winna chicken dina! Thanks Bob. At least you know how to do that, I haven't ever tried it. Thanks again
    No problem Gene, lets see if this works:

    Hello Gene,
    Pork steaks are nothing more than pork butts sliced into steaks.
    Most pre-packaged ones around here are cut thin, but a butcher should cut to any thickness.

    The standard way most backyard grillers in the STL area cook them is direct, hot and fast, flipping often.
    Then placed in a pan of bbq sauce, covered with foil, and kept warm on the grill for at least an hour before serving.
    Some add beer to the sauce in the pan too.
    They are great that way, but I prefer lower and slower.
    Your favorite rub and sauce should be fine.

    Here is a tutorial I posted for my grandson earlier this year:

    Please let me know if more info is needed.

    Take care,
    Hey Bob, I hate to be a bother but, in saying that you know I'm going to be one. I was in my subscriptions this morning and accidentally deleted the thread you sent me on the pork steaks. Could you resend that one to me so I can save it in my folder? Thanks Bob.
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