RIP: Bob Correll


Chris Allingham

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Hi everyone,

I'm still processing the sad news about Bob Correll and it's got me really bummed and sad. Bob joined our online community in July 2009 and at the time of his passing on 3/31/22, he was the #3 all-time poster with 15,904 post or 3.4 posts per day for 4,648 days!

I can't even begin to quantify his contributions to our community, but the things that immediately come to mind are his approach to making easy, homemade bacon, his McBob sandwiches, his love of pork steaks and sardines (not necessarily together!), and his love of nature as exhibited on his Instagram page with photos of birds, clouds, sunrises, and...yes, more sardines! :)

As a forum operator, you couldn't ask for a better member than Bob...I'd love to have a thousand Bobs! He was kind, helpful, and generous with everyone on the forum. He made friends easily and it pleases me so much that he made some deep friendships with people on this forum. I will miss him a lot, but he lives on in the collection of posts and photos he left behind here for us to enjoy for many years to come.

On behalf of our forum family, I have initiated three donations in Bob's memory:
  • A $100 donation to the American Cancer Society, per Jo Anne's suggestion in Bob's obituary.
  • A $100 donation to the Missouri Birding Society, reflecting Bob's love of birds and nature.
  • A $100 donation to Operation BBQ Relief, reflecting Bob's love of barbecuing and his spirit of helpfulness.
If anyone would like to make a small contribution to support these donations, please send it via this PayPal link.

I will personally cover the first $50 and the next $250 in donations will cover the balance of the $300 total. Anything received above and beyond will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

No longer accepting donations. If you feel so moved, per Bob's obituary you are encouraged to make donations to the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, or the charity of your choice.

Best regards,


Very sad news to wake up to on a Monday morning. :(
It was Bob that got me on the homemade bacon adventure. (y)
My sincerest condolences to Bob's family & friends. RIP. :blackkettle:
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James J

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I am deeply saddened to hear of Bob's passing.
I learned so much from his posts; especially how to make bacon.
Thanks for sharing the news and pictures Jim.

Chris Allingham

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but friends you make here on the board are still very much real friends.
So true. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Just a quick update. We quickly blew past $300 to $380. I will be contacting Bob's wife to extend our condolences personally and inform her of how we're honoring Bob. Folks can still make a donation, excess will go to American Cancer Society.
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Brian Dahl

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Always gracious, always instructive, never critical, often humorous. Wish I could have meet him, wondering what music he would have liked to have left with... Sadly looking (unsuccessfully) for old pictures and posts that honored him. RIP stranger, I'll see you around the campfire; condolences for your family...

best I have come up with:
what do i know?

Tim Campbell

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Man, I just clicked on those links, Chris, and realized I had never caught most of those posts originally. I have similar musical tastes.

But what really got me was the signature change beneath his name and his iconic mouse avatar. Really classy move. Thank you, or whomever made the change, for such a poignant move.

Like many here, I never met him, but that doesn't seem to mitigate the sense of loss. We lost some light in the world with his passing.

My very best wishes to his family, and to all who felt his radiance. Anyone who could call Bob their friend is a lucky soul indeed.