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  • Hi Jon, I am new to this forum but not to Webers. I picked up a Genesis Platinum C and had to do a total refurb and I upgraded the grills and flavorisers to solid stainless. She came up better than new. But I was never able to get parts for my side burner. I am missing everything under the lid ex c.f. wot the base. I need a burner head and cap, a wind deflector and grate too. Do you have any of these parts that I could purchase from you? Thanks, Paul
    Dave Santana - aka recplanebuyer - has asked us from now on to use his Craigslist account as the way to contact him. You can find him on the San Francisco Bay section of CL. Do a search for "Weber bars" and you will find him. Don't worry about what the ad shows. Just ask him for what you are looking for and let him know you heard about him on TVWBB. He will ship all over.

    Hi Jon,
    See you post in a thread that you had the contact info for RCPlanebuyer. Would you be able to share it? I'm looking to replace some parts of my grill and would prefer to do it away from eBay if possible.

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