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A lot of people post curb alerts for regular Genesis grills in the "I will just leave this here" thread. I thought maybe we should have a separate threat for notifying list members of good deals on Weber grills. Other brand grills are fine to post, Weber accessories are good as well as coal burners and pellet burners.

Here is one to get us started.

Free in Reno NV. Not sure why it showed up in my radius....


That Green Mountain is an $800 unit new! I’d hop all over that.
I contacted the seller (giver) right after posting the ad in this thread.

But I wasn’t fast enough.

Already gone

Rumson NJ is a pretty pricey zip code, so I could see this type of listing being legit.
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Seems like a good deal for someone in S. Wisconsin.

Free in Reno NV. Not sure why it showed up in my radius....

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Yep... saw this one and thought about checking it out, but it was "beat." As Steve mentioned, it's got a warped cook box and just look at that disintegrating, rusted lid interior! It's sold now and I wish them luck beyond a parts grill.
The report I saw showed they did. Wrong? IDK. They sure look like they were made by them. But, really not important to me. Just interesting
Bunch of restored(?) Summits in Rhinebeck NY, $300 and up.
That would be my idea of Summit heaven! I am also impressed that he is moving them. I absolutely LOVE mine, but I have shied away from restoring them for flips, even though I have a fix for the firebox the he doesn't. Maybe there is some market for restored ones.
I hope he is not putting out grills with bad corrosion in the cook box. Unless buyers really know what they are looking for, it would be easy to do. I sold a Summit S470 yesterday and the guy never even poked his head in the cook box or in the cabinet. He just came ready to buy what looked like a nice grill on the outside.
I missed out on this one, lady marked it sold after I asked about it. Appears to be NG with a newer LP manifold under the grill. Oh well, the lid probably wasn't in nice condition anyway 😕Screenshot_20230629-220834.png
Looks as though there was some cobbling done with that grill. The lid doesn't look too bad for fade though. Kinda hard to tell at the angle of the photo. That actually might be an LP manifold on the bottom rack.
Yeah, the mismatched handle and knobs didn't bother me and I was willing to go look because I have enough parts to convert it to LP and make it otherwise original. Just as well I guess, I really don't need another grill in the garage.