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  • Hello Bruce I just received my RCplanebuyer flavorizer bars. They came nicely packaged they were very hefty. However I’m noticing that there’s some scratches on most of the bars. Is this normal? Just wanted to check with you. Thank you.
    Hey Bruce I just got my delivery of RC plane buyers flavorizer bars and they’re very hefty and packaged nicely. I’m noticing, however, scratches in them and stains. Did yours or anyone else’s show up like this? Is this normal for this delivery? Just curious thank you
    Hi Bruce,
    U were responding to my post about painting the holders of a E330 I have a question about my manifold I used to have a vid of what I mean. Anyway the left from control knob has a small amount of play in it. It is the brass control that exists the manifold that plays a bit The other controls are nice and tight. I still have to push the control in to turn it and I have put soapy water all around where the brass control exits the manifold and there is no bubbling anywhere. Do u think that is ok
    Hi Bruce, I just received the manifold everything looks good. Thank you so much for the help and the parts. I can’t wait to start the restore. Dave
    Good morning Bruce,
    DBlack here, you were in the Conversation about my new/old Genesis. And you said you have a 3 burner manifold? How much would that be with shipping? Thanks for the help and man this is a great site.
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