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    Genesis II E310 thoughts.

    Yeah, I agree and look forward to that. So far, all I have seen are people trying for $500 range, although I did miss out on one for $200. A couple years from now there will be many more, including some that are filthy and ugly enough to be sold cheaply. Bruce, At least you have the start of a...
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    Genesis II E310 thoughts.

    Bruce, That is a very interesting up close review. Those square burners are supposed to taper toward the back to better maintain even pressure across their length. Sounds like a good idea, anyway. I am glad to see you found this open cart version to be holding up pretty well and tough enough to...
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    Lack of rehab pickups

    Well one thing for sure. We may be in "Safer at Home" lock-down here in Florida, but someone is still out there buying. I "saved" at least three things on FB Marketplace this morning that were all sold by this afternoon! One was a Trager Ironwood (smaller size) for $250. The seller claimed that...
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    I think I might have a problem!

    Rich, You need to save your time for doing something with that super early version brownie Genesis when the weather gets better! I am one to talk, since my project is still in pieces, but after I move I am hoping my life will be slower with more time for grill restoration.
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    Picked this up today

    Looks like a very fair deal. These are very nice grills other than the bottom wanting to rust out. Easy to get parts for and excellent cookers. You sure did better than the junk grills sitting out in front of Lowe’s and Home Depot!
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    I think I might have a problem!

    At least you are out grabbing the Florida grills that I can't!
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    Control panel with square mounting holes - how to fasten?

    Yep, that is what you need.
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    Rehab shop????

    Better than working in the hot sun☀. Down here it better be easy to take down and put away or the first tropical storm or hurricane🌪 would do that for you!
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    Lack of rehab pickups

    Yeah, I agree with Bruce. The problem isn't so much the bottom. (I actually have a few stainless steel replacements for that.) What will really do you in is the side pieces... The fact that they are "unibody" construction where the frame pieces and side body panels are all welded together as one...
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    Just got the EX4.

    We all wish you the best, Cathy! Post some pictures of those ribs and your SmokeFire when you can:ex4:!
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    Alternative to factory drip pan rails

    Yeah, but looks like you can 20 for $140. Is that $7 per 6ft rail or $7 per set of 2? If you went in with others on a block purchase like that the cost per grill would be very low. Thanks for sharing Bruce. Maybe after I move north we could look into that with some other guys in the Midwest.
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    This should be a Weber

    Dave, We will look forward to pictures, etc. on BOTH of these! Congrats on the Hasty Bake! I am not sure what tops my list, but I still harbor the hopes of getting and restoring a first generation Summit (4 or 6 burner) back to full operational status :coolkettle: . A red one would be really cool!
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    Bars for rehabbing? Prefer low cost, for flips.

    Larry, A deep firebox 13-bar grill I picked up had five very tall stainless flavorizer bars just like you are describing. Have no idea where they came from. I have kept them to this point as kind of a curiosity.
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    How much can you get for a black sidewinder?

    That's a little closer to reality, but I think he may still face a long wait. I would still take Dave's Crimson sidewinder over any of these!
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    How much can you get for a black sidewinder?

    I agree with $300, but to get $450 I think you would have to have a special color that someone really loved and the grill would have to be pretty much perfect. Oh, and you would need plenty of patience :giggle: .