RIP: Bob Correll


Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Folks, I received a call this morning from Bob's dear wife Joanne....
I am so very sad to tell you my good friend and yours, Bob Correll has past away recently...
Bob past peacefully in his sleep, Jo told me... a blessing he did not suffer.
It wasn't the cancer that Bob was diagnosed with in the summer of 2020, she said, as the miracle drug he was taking was working very well.
Jo told me he developed pneumonia unrelated to Covid-19.

Bob loved grilling. He loved making his "McBob's" in different ways and showing us the simple pleasures of grilled foods.
I believe his signature dish is the famous St. Louis Pork Steak, yet, he probably would disagree with that.
Always with a laugh, it was pure pleasure talking with Bob. And I will miss him more than you can imagine.

If anyone wishes to send condolences to Bob's family,
please message me here for his address

Note from Moderator: Here's a link to Bob's obituary:

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Thanks Jim for passing this news along, I will miss his input on all things here.
PM sent Jim. Thanks for sending them on.
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My heart is broken, for his family and myself. He was special to me just from knowing him on this site, so I know his loss must weigh heavily on those who had the honor of being one of his personal friends. May you rest in peace, McBob.
When Barb and I first joined the forum back in 2013 he was my go to guy for any questions I had. He taught me a lot, always willing to help out.
I always enjoyed his warm approach to his cooks and espically his McBob's.
He was a true asset to this forum, Barb and myself will truly miss him.
I am very sad to read about Bob's passing. He was a great member here at TVWBB, sharing all of his knowledge and humor with us. Thank you, Jim, for letting all of us know. I will raise a glass in memory of Bob this evening while I tend my grill.

So sad to hear the news of his passing you could just tell by his posts he was a very likeable guy, I used to read all his literature on sardines .
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Very sad news. I considered Bob one of the legends on this forum and always enjoyed his posts and photos.
I am so sorry to hear this.
I learned a lot from Bob - much of it before I even joined the forum.
His posts, whether on cooking or just on daily minutiae
were always a pleasure to read.

I know that Brooke was there, waiting to walk with him across the Rainbow Bridge.

Sincere condolences to Mrs. Correll and family.
RIP Bob.
I’m very saddened to hear of Bob’s passing. As has already been stated, you could just tell he was a nice guy. Thanks to him I made bacon for the first time a few years ago. I will think of him every time I make it!
Thanks for letting us know Jim. Bob was an invaluable contributor and BBQ mentor. Such an inspiration.