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  1. Q&A with Donna Fong, July 7-11
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  3. Trends in competition chicken
  4. Pork Butt
  5. Smoked Chicken (aka beer in the rear chicken)
  6. BBQ smoke wood
  7. Competition meat
  8. "BBQ Joint Smoke Flavor?"
  9. Its All About Donna! Harry Who?
  10. Way to utilize excess
  11. Charcuterie
  12. Comp chicken skin question(s)
  13. Application of molecular biology to barbecue?
  14. Where do you put the temperature probe for the WSM?
  15. First-Time Comp Advice?
  16. How did you get into BBQ
  17. Promoting women in BBQ
  18. Tri-tip
  19. What's the worst part about competition barbecue?
  20. Evolution of west coast BBQ and its future
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