Evolution of west coast BBQ and its future



TVWBB Super Fan
Hi, Donna! It's so great to have you here on the forum. My question is a 2-parter. First, how do you believe that BBQ in the west coast, specifically California, has evolved since you started your involvement a decade ago. How has the flavor profiles changed; also, the techniques employed and quality of meats, rubs & sauces?

Secondly, how do feel about us competitors being restricted to the 4 KCBS meats? Do you feel shackled and yearn to cook other meats in competition? KCBS has such a strong foot hold in CA that there is rarely an opportunity to promote contests with different meats. I know that the North State BBQ Championship Series is one such event; however, do you feel that there should be more opportunities for different or new sanctioning bodies in CA?

Steve Aguilar
Hey Steve,
Thank you for your question. California competition BBQ has evolved over the last ten years. The flavors are much more bold and are spicier than I've seen which is great. I think as more and more people start competing, they are bringing their cultural heritages with them.
The quality of meats has also evolved, particularly with beef. The breeds that are available now are more prevalent.
and I'm totally bored with the four meats. I'd love to have beef clod, lamb breast, ball tip, turkey (which by the way at Franklin's is the bomb), tri-tip and beef ribs as other options. I do. I think diversity is important and that applies to sanctioning bodies as well. That's the reason why I am a member of different sanctioning bodies and different state associations. It's all good. And I do feel like California should do more to promote tri-tip because if we don't do it, who will? Thanks for your question and congrats on your HUGE GC at Pechanga!!!! Keep it up.