Its All About Donna! Harry Who?


Bob H.

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Welcome to TVWBB Donna! Will you tell us what you like to smoke, Q, or grill for yourself that is
not an item from the comps, just something that you like, not what the judges want?

Thank you for taking the time to do these question and answers for us.
Hey Bob,
You're funny. Thank you for being so kind. If I had to smoke anything, I'd smoke a really expensive brisket or prime rib for my family. I love a grilled hangar steak, chicken wings, salmon, beef kalbi (Korean shortribs), Korean spicy pork, grilled lamb breasts (mutton ribs), grilled donut peaches are the bomb! and I love grilled double thick brined pork chops from my dad's butcher shop. I also like Miller dogs and if I could figure out where the Berkeley Top Dog gets its habenero mango sausages, I'd grill that too. If I had the money, I'd buy a Flintstone beef rib from Belcampo and smoke that!
Want to put in a plug for your dad's butcher shop? Name + address + URL if applicable? Would like to check that out someday. :)
Oh Chris. I would except that I'm afraid you'd get shot. My father's shop is called Don's Meat. His name is Donald Fong and I am named after him. I grew up in the bad part of Oakland. My mom was robbed by the drug dealer across the street (from the shop) who sold drugs to the kids at the school. He took her purse. God bless her, she hung onto her purse and wouldn't let go. She eventually fell down and got a big bruise on her hip. My dad was away in China but my brother and I took care of replacing all of her credit cards and other items. The drug dealer eventually figured out the plastic key in her purse unlocked the family truck which he eventually stole too. The Oakland cops found it in the neighborhood and my brother and Dad went to get it. There has also been a guy who was murdered in the parking lot of the store. So I wouldn't recommend going. I am a very proud Oakland native and I have dreams of bbqing meat from the shop in the back and selling it at the shop but my father won't go for it. I'm afraid I can't recommend that you go and "visit". Also, the meat that is sold is catered to the community with most of America would be unfamiliar with, though it is delicious stuff. I'm proud of the hard work that my parents put out to raise my brother and I and do not envy what they had to go through.
Wow. Thanks for sharing that story, Donna. I will take your advice and stick to Costco and Restaurant Depot. I know a lot of people in the SF Bay Area root for Oakland and have for a long, long time...I hope you can someday realize your dream. :)