Dustin Flavell

First off thanks for participating on this fourm. Second it was great meeting and learning from you at Harry's Class in Oakland earlier this year. I'd like to get your advice on tri-tips.

Low and slow on the WSM or high heat indirect on a Kettle? Is there a perfect temp. to cook at. Best wood chunks to use. Sear it first, reverse or not at all? Would you ever recommend a finish sauce on a tri-tip? Rub or marinade? Foil or no foil? Any secrets you can share...don't worry I'll keep it between you and me :)

I cook a lot of tri-tips so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again for doing this.
Hi Dustin,
Good to hear from you again! I like low and slow initially until its about 115 and then high heat direct to finish off at 130. Red Oak and never any other kind of wood. Do it old school style. Reverse. I would never recommend a sauce. Harry's rub but with extra cayenne or black pepper is best. Never foil. I tried some Snake River Farms tri-tip the other day, and geez, it was delicious. After it is done, I hold and then slice and wipe up the au jus that comes out on each slice. It is so good, it makes me shake. Have a great weekend Dustin. When am I going to see you again?

Donna thanks for the reply your awesome. You'll probably see me again real soon. I learned too much from you and Harry when I took the class that my brain was too full. Think it was the "extra credit" Brad and I got that morning. Going to need another dose of learning next time you guys put on a NorCal class. You have a great weekend too.
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