Where do you put the temperature probe for the WSM?


Robert McGee

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First off, I want to thank you for answering our questions. Harry Soo's visit here gave me a big boost in product.

I am not a competitor, just a backyard guy who wants to make the best food possible for family and friends.

I use the Maverick 732 remote thermometer. I have a 14.5", a Mini-Joe, and a 18.5" WSM. These are all great smokers but after I got the 14.5" I find I am using it most of all. It has a minor fault in that it is SMALL (Duh-h-h!) and that limits me where to put the BBQ thermometer probe. When I have an 8.0-9.0 lbs. Bone in Boston Butt ( or two) or a couple of rib racks the space is tight.

I have read that Harry Soo puts his thermometer right in the path of the heat rising from the sides. Since I want grate temperature (I think:rolleyes:) that sounds counterintuitive. However, I am open to advice from someone who REALLY knows (and I mean YOU).

What say you, my lady?;)

Keep on smokin',
Great question. After getting the 14.5 inch, I find that the 18 inch seems almost like over-kill, right? The mini works so smoothly that you don't really need a controller. That being said, I put my thermocouple in the same spot, through the screw on the top rack, normally used for holding up the grate. You are right to question the flow of heat in its path but my argument would be that by the time the heat flows up to the top grate, there is probably some significant diffusion of heat such that the distribution is more even than you'd fear. The set temp could also be easily lowered to compensate for the differential. In the end, placing the probe in that configuration makes it so much easier to reach in and do my stuff without tangling up lines, that I wouldn't change the technique. Besides, I haven't noticed any problems in actual practice. And I'm kind of a clumsy person so whatever makes me seem less clumsy is always good! Thank you for your question.