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  • Kevin;
    Cold smoking salmon can be quite dangerous. I only cold smoke cheese on my WSM. Here is an excellent report from "Meathead" on Amazing Ribs:

    Under NO circumstances will I cold smoke meat due to the dangers.

    However, having said that, have you tried planked Salmon? After grilling salmon on a plank (I ALWAYS make more than needed), I serve it cold the next day or so. It is wonderful when hot, and while different, it is also WONDERFUL when cold. I often use a bit of sour cream on a cracker then put l put salmon flakes on top. Ummmm-GOOD! Salmon (or steelhead) flakes used with salads are over-the-top, too.

    All of this without the very real risk of food poisoning. I have had food poisoning a time or two and I will tell you it is NO fun.

    I was wondering if you could talk to me about cold smoking using your WSM.
    my wife wants me to cold smoke salmon for her. And I have been reading up and watching utube .
    But I like the sound of your use of this tube.
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