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    Anyone grill Papa Murphy's pizzas on a regular basis?

    Happy to be of service! Dale53
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    Anyone grill Papa Murphy's pizzas on a regular basis?

    Here is how I do Pizza on the Grill - it works perfectly for both home made pizza and "pre-made" pizza: FWIW Dale53
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    Great deal on pork shoulder

    When doing Pork Steaks, I make a two zone fire, with a whole chimney dumped in one end (fire bricks separate the two zones). That raises the fire closer to the food grate. I season the steaks and flip them every 60 seconds by the clock. When they look done, the ARE! I love the results when...
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    $4 per lb. for no smoke briquettes?

    At that price, I couldn't care less! :rolleyes: Dale53
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    Cooking time for thighs using Vortex ?

    It truly seems impossible, but when I do wings and thighs at the same time, they both finish virtually the same time when using the Vortex in one of my Performers. I always check with my Thermapen but frankly, they finish about the same time. My "technique" is to grill them for 20 minutes, flip...
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    Pork butt - when is it done?

    Somewhere between 190 degrees and 205, the butt will suddenly become really tender to my thermometer probe. When it happens, it is unmistakable! Happy probing! Keep on smokin’, Dale53
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    Oak Whisky Staves

    Many years ago, a Distillery close by in a neighboring state would regularly dispose of used whiskey barrels, by giving them to anyone who would haul them off. I would borrow my brothers pick up, and take my two teen aged sons. We would break up the barrels and fill the pick up bed with oak...
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    What's wrong here - Weber Kettle Bad Cook

    Marc L; We can only guess, but my opinion your problems are simply that you tried to lower the heat by closing the top vent. That is pretty much a no/no! Clean out your grill, use a new batch of charcoal and adjust the heat level ONLY using the bottom vents. I genuinely believe your problem...
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    Weber Directions for Corned Beef

    I love Faux Pastrami on the grill (or WSM). However, when it comes to Corned Beef and Cabbage, my wife uses her old stove top Pressure Cooker. You can certainly do it with the Instant Pot with the same results, but my wife has been doing this since we married a couple of lifetimes ago (63 years...
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    Tonight’s Lenten Repast

    Timothy; That is a great looking meal, for sure! I have come to prefer Salmon done on a Cedar Plank. Here is an older post with pictures: The technique is the same (except for cooking time) for steelhead as salmon. Good Steelhead is now...
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    Smokin cheese on a gasser

    Here's and older post of mine cold smoking cheese in the Mini - I have also done it the exact same way in my 18.5 with the same results. Notice that the instructions for the Amazen smoker tube state to light the pellets and let them burn for 10 minutes before blowing them out. I do that and have...
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    Wrapping Ribs: Meat Side Up or Meat Side Down Results

    I want my rack of ribs to be cooked the same end for end. I get that by cutting my rib racks in half, then using rib racks on my WSM's. That also allows me to use an aluminum "throw-away" pan to "wrap" my "half racks of ribs". They are much easier to handle and you can finish them how you...
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    Houston we have a problem!

    I have a number of Thermoworks products. I have been MORE than happy with them. When I needed some info or fancied a problem, they have been close to WONDERFUL to deal with. Frankly, after using other company's products, having probe failures, and snotty customer service, I find Thermoworks to...
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    Dang Good Chicken

    Scott; As a matter of interest, what rub are you using. The finished shots look WONDERFUL! Dale53
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    Deck lighting for the grills

    Check this out: My answer will be found on Post #11. Keep on smokin', Dale53 :wsm: