How did you get into BBQ


Bob Sample

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Hi Donna,

A big hello and thank you from north of the border.
From your description of the neighbourhood where you grew up it doesn't sound to me like you got your passion for BBQ in the typical grill and smoke in the backyard watching Dad burn burgers way. What got you into to BBQ?

Oh Canada! Thank you for your question. I got my passion for meat from my parents and my passion for food from my mom, who is a great cook.

The passion for BBQ started when an African American pitmaster from the central valley shared a competition level rib with me and my now ex-husband. We were leveled when we tasted it and became certified BBQ judges right away. This was back in 2004. A few years later, the marriage was done and he took the smoker with him. And he was the one who took the lesson from Paul Kirk on how to cook bbq. So if I was to taste bbq again outside of the circuit, I had to learn on my own. That's what I did by taking local classes. Eventually, I was convinced that cooking a contest was a good idea for a single working mom. It is still a little crazy but we manage.

It is funny how the worst thing in your life can develop into something you never imagined possible. Ten years later, we all find ourselves in a better place. My ex still judges and we will be judging together at Wine Country this weekend, while Harry cooks and my daughter will be having fun doing whatever 10 year old girls do.
Great story Donna.....many times there is a better bus to be on and we don't know that until we get off of the bad bus that is taking us no where. Now you're on the bus taking you everywhere you want to be.
That is very sweet of you to say James. I try to remember that experience when someone I know is having a tough time. I remember the pain and thinking how unfair life is. I never bargained for that! But wallowing only gets you so far. At some point, I had to pull up my boot straps and move on. So I did. I'm lucky that everything turned out so well. Little did I know that ten years later, I would be teaching my ex how to trim and cook meat. How things have changed when you get over being mad and forgive.