What's the worst part about competition barbecue?


Chris Allingham

Staff member
I suppose I should ask what's the best part and the worst part about competition barbecue. I assume the best part is WINNING or making so many friends in the process of competing. But I'm curious what's the worst part about competing. The cost? The time away from home? The setup, breakdown, and cleanup?
There are three things that depress me about BBQ. If you don't have the money to do it, regardless of talent or motivation, you can't. The second thing is that you make so many friends that the circle of people dying or getting really sick, is bigger than my heart than tolerate. I actively know of people who are suffering, have died or are about to die. The third thing is watching good people attack each other. That one hurts a lot too.

Physically, the worst part is being tired and having your body swell up and hurt. It takes a few days to recover but that's just temporary.