tri tip

  1. Colin

    First Tri-Tip on the WSM 14

    I bought this small 1.73 lb. tri-tip on sale at the local Price Chopper because I thought it had nice marbling and was surprised to find out from the butcher that it was only select grade. Hey, I'll take a chance. I was looking for something nice to go on the small wsm and more so I wanted to...
  2. Dwain Pannell

    Tri Tip Sous Vide

    I haven’t posted a cook in quite a while. I decided to hot tub a Tri Tip at 135*F for 5 hrs then sear it off/ get some smoke on it on the kettle via a mesquite/charcoal fire. Used Cajun Shake in the bath then hit it with Montreal Steak Seasoning for the sear/smoke. Served simply with...
  3. Michael C.

    1st time Onlyfire Rotisserie kettle kit Tri tip

    Weber charges $149 for their Rotisserie it, too much money me. Back in Dec, I bought the Onlyfire 22-1/2 Rotisserie kettle kit for $79.99 on Amazon. For the last several months, I've been hit with storm after storm, rain and snow, I haven't been able to grill much. Today, the weather was nice...
  4. Michael C.

    New Year's Eve Wine Oak Tri-tip

    For New Year's Eve, I picked up a pre seasoned Tri-Tip at Costco, it was an impulse buy, as it looked good! I also have some Steven Raichlen Wine Oak wood Staves, and decided to use that for the smoke. Place the meat indirect, for about 45 minutes. It was 35F outside, I think the tri-tip could...
  5. Michael C.

    TBT Killer smoke ring on my Tri-tip 2007

    This is my version of Throw Back Thursday! This was back in 2007, my early days of smoking. I bought this $99 off set smoker from Walmart, and threw a tri-tip on there. I kept adding wood chips to the coals, until the Tri-tip looked done. To my surprise, was the killer smoke ring! The tri-tip...
  6. Dan Godwin

    Performer's maiden voyage

    Purchased a new to me performer tonight for $100 including a rotisserie. I had been waiting for a redhead performer or master touch to pop up in the area, but the deal was too good to pass up. I didn't have any propane to use the gas assist, so I used the chimney that came with my 18"...
  7. D

    Sunday Evening Tri-tip

    Thanks to this forum Tri-tip is probably my favorite cut of beef to prepare. Here are a bunch of photos of Sunday evening's cook... Seasoned with Kosher Salt, Course Black Pepper and Garlic Powder Coals are ready... After 20 minutes indirect. Time to flip and rotate... After another...
  8. Morgan C.

    Winter Tri tip

    Howdy folks...been seeing lots of good posts and eats on here ..nice work!! Trying to catch up on my cooks and posting...we did a Tri the other nite...good stuff! Started with a small crock of pintos on the stove! Home made pico Nice little TT...set up indirect and some hickory! After about...
  9. Chris Allingham

    Tri-Tip by flashlight

    I need to get my lighting situation squared away...I'm grilling in almost total darkness because of where my grill is located relative to patio lights. I'm thinking LED baseball cap or battery-powered lantern...but for now, a flashlight is the thing. First grill of 2014...a big honkin' Costco...
  10. Cody

    Tri Tip for the New Year

    I decided to make some tri tip sandwiches for the New Year. I smoked the tri tip at 225-240 and used oak, for a rub I used a simple salt, pepper, and garlic rub. I fired up the gas grill and through it on for a reverse sear. I pulled it at 135 probably pull it at 130 then sear next time. Getting...
  11. SteveA

    Reverse seared tri tip

    ...the effort I should've given in the throw down. LOL! No more lazy spur of the moment cooks ('cuz I forgot)...and no excuses. SMH
  12. Jim McKelvey

    Sunday evening Tri Tip

    Howdy folks...cooler weather setting in these days - for us in more temperate climates, it usually means perfect grilling weather and Sunday was perfect! A shot of the back yard - wish it were like this all year! Started the mini chimney - If you don't have one, get one! - they are...
  13. Chris Allingham

    Throwdown #16: Tri-Tip

    Hello Grilling & Barbecuing Fans! Throwdown #16: Tri-Tip has drawn to a close. We've got some mouth-watering entries this time around. Now it's time for the voting... Here are links to each entry so you can review the photos and descriptions: Mike Cosgrove: Grilled Tri Tip Sammys Chris H...
  14. Chris Allingham

    Throwdown #16: Tri-Tip

    Congratulations to Steve Aguilar for winning Throwdown #15: Pork Spareribs! One of the privileges of winning is getting to choose the next throwdown ingredient. Steve is from California, and he's chosen his favorite meat, a cut of beef that is near and dear to our hearts here on the West...
  15. Dwain Pannell

    Simple open face beef

    We were in a hurry tonight so I threw a vac pack of leftover Tri Tip in some boiling water and whipped up some gravy. We placed the heated beef on some leftover Hawaiian rolls cut in half and covered it with the gravy. A quick dinner on the fly and great use of leftovers.
  16. Mike Cosgrove

    7 up Tri Tip.

    Friday night and my wife actually worked the evening shift so I had the pleasure of a grilled dinner with my sweetheart!:o I found this 7 up citrus marinade at Menards today while picking up some charcaol, so I went ahead and bathed a tri tip in it. Clay likes to think hes Mario with a...