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  • Walt - I re-use charcoal all the tiem - so I'll just use a screwdriver to keep the vents clear (that way I don't have to remove the charcoal grate) until I've got enough of a mess in there to dump out. Didn't think of the shop vac - thats a good idea. It's really not a big deal - I'm just lazy!
    Thanks for the reply I'm not that handy with wood, but I want a "simple" island and I have extra granite from our kitchen remodel. I'll post pix when I complete it (probably before spring).
    I want to get a JJ because of all the great reviews I've read. Small weekday cooks and camping will be my main use for it. As far as the ah sweeper, The JJ is so small I think a quick shop vac or tipping it over to rid of the ashes would work. How do you do it?

    Hello Jim, I saw your Weber setup on the above page. Excellent setup, you have an awesome collection. I wanted to ask 2 subjects:

    1. Did you build the table in the middle? I'm planning on building my own open bbq island with wood and my plan is similar to your table, just longer. What types of wood did you use?

    2. How do you like your Jumbo Joe? How often do you use it? What types of cooks do you recommend to do on it? I plan buying and use it mainly for camping, but could use it at home when my Akorn and Q220 are already full.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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