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    Winner: Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    Congrats Jason! That's a showstopper!
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    Grill Shelter Query

    Reviving this one to share the outcome.... build took about a 4 weekends and a few nights after work. Was more expensive than budgeted for due to price of lumber, made a few mistakes and not sure my construction techniques are the best...but the finished product is what I wanted and finally...
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    Anyone have any experience with TORO Zero Turn mowers?

    If you have an acre or more, the more maneuverable mowers are a huge help. Bought a Hustler Fastrack 48" / with Kawi 19HP about 13 years ago. Around 400 hours and only have had to do routine maintenance. It's been a great investment. That said if I could do it all over I'd consider a used...
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    SRF Frozen Burgers

    Looooooong time between picture posts. Still at it, just not as diligent about documenting my cooks! Thought this would be interesting so here goes... I am always on quest for great burgers and have tried probably >30 frozen varieties plus various sources for fresh ground, etc. I think I...
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    Grill Shelter Query

    And herein lies another perfectly summed it up Jim: But I'm thinking that a lean to roof looming over your deck is going to look weird. Especially when up against the roof line of the gazebo you already have on the deck. And since the roof presumably would slant away from the deck...
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    Grill Shelter Query

    Thanks all - good questions and ideas. Great point about the sail and winds...I'm always taking the canopy down if we have threat of wind or hail. And it comes down for most of winter also. Not an outdoor kitchen...more along lines of covered area. I guess the number one item for me will be...
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    Grill Shelter Query

    So here is the set up from a couple of different angles. I'd like to have the grills along the side of the deck where the wood table is...tree is a bit of an issue and can't be removed. So a build or gazebo type structure can only be 6-7' in width. You might notice too the ground is sloped...
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    Grill Shelter Query

    Wow - this is great - I appreciate the replies and pictures!! Lots of different ways to go! I'm going to take some pics of the area tomorrow so I can give some context.
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    Grill Shelter Query

    Hey everyone - quick question...going to upgrade some of the fleet soon, but before I do am looking at various ideas for some sort of cooking area shelter. Up to this time, I've basically just used strategically places beach umbrellas. I'd like something that would cover multiple cookers and...
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    Char-Broil Big Easy Oilless Fryer

    Had one and used a few times - it definitely does poultry well.
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    Picnic Pork Shoulder vs. Pork Butt

    The picnic is the preferred cut for a Caribbean style "pernil" - pork roasted with garlic / citrus type marinade. It is fantastic when done right. Typicalyl Puerto Rican / Cuban recipes are the best. It is a higher heat cook, targeting 350 / 4 hours. I've done with Publix brand mojo...
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    Any 2021 Weber Gas Grill Rumors?

    Fully agree on the SE-330. I've got the green light to go ahead and replace my E-320 after we clear a couple of upcoming bills. :p
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    Cooking your best burger

    THANK YOU for this... I have been looking for a simple 5" press. Ordered the other day and it is perfect.
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    Problem with Weber regulators

    Dredging this old thread up...another regulator leak. Appreciate any additional / new insights from those that are more familiar with parts. I'd post a video, but my file is MP4 which I guess does not work...basically slight twist of the regulator piece - which frequently happens when...