baby back ribs

  1. BenM

    Rubs & Baby Back Ribs

    I just picked up the following Meat Church rubs: Honey Hog BBQ, Holy Cow, The Gospel, Holy Voodoo, and Holy Gospel. I have never used any of these rubs before. Tomorrow night I'll be making some baby back ribs and want to know which of these would be a good choice for them?
  2. M Craw

    Best Ribs In The Universe (BRITU) question...

    I've always wanted to try this technique of smoking baby backs, and might just do so this coming weekend, but I have a question. From the VWB page (found here) its says to: and then goes on to say: And that is confusing to me. Will I need to adjust the bottom vents to maintain the cooker...
  3. M

    Logistics for Pork Butt & Baby Backs on a Single WSM

    I am having a few people over to the lake tomorrow & am planning to serve some smoked pork for dinner. I was planning on a combo of baby backs & pork butt. I realize choosing one would be easier but, oh well, I enjoy a challenge & would like to give it a try for possible future endeavors. So I...
  4. Michael C.

    Friday's Honey Garlic BB ribs

    Hi all, Getting an early start of BBQ this weekend, decided to throw some baby back ribs on the grill on sale at $2.77lb. Used Hickory chunks indirect for 2 hrs, then foiled for 1 hr with apple juice. Came out perfect, moist tender and great flavor with that Honey Garlic rub from Weber. Looking...
  5. Michael C.

    Oster Roaster/Smoker BB Ribs

    Around here, the weather is always very nice and warm on Super bowl Sunday for great ribs, except, for this year. We are being blasted with strong Santa Ana winds, no way to break out the weber. So....plan B. Use my indoor Roaster/Smoker! Still learning on using this, but the results were...
  6. Michael C.

    Grilled extra meaty baby back ribs

    I picked up some extra meaty baby back ribs, used one of my favorite rib rubs, and instead of my usual way of smoking them, I decided to grill them up instead. I flipped the ribs about every 5 minutes or so, until they looked done to me. They ribs turned out great!!! Moist, nice little smoke...
  7. M

    6 Racks of Ribs on Brand New Mini

    Hello everyone! It's my first time posting, but I've been reading a lot on this site for the past few months and just finished painting my own mini WSM today! It was a really fun and easy project, but I'm sure it'll be even more fun to cook with and have some amazing meals. I'd really like to...
  8. C

    First attempt Baby Backs on 18.5 2-2-1 Method

    Smoked baby backs for the first time on my 18.5. I used the 2-2-1 method. I fought temperature spikes the whole time as we had 20 mph winds and I live in the wide open. It never got above 265 but temps would swing every 25 mins. I did not user water, used a 14 inch clay saucer in pan. We...
  9. S

    1st-Baby Back Ribs on WSM (Pic-Heavy)

    Ok, so i decided to go with ribs for my 2nd cook! Date and Weather: 3/8/14, 40 ºF, Windy Cooker and Fuel: 22.5" Smokey Mountain Cooker 2014, 4 Apple Chunks, and Kingsford Competition and Original mixed. Couldn't find any Competition. Meat: 3 Slab's in Cryovac from Sam’s Club Rinsed...
  10. JSchlegelmilch

    Baby Back Ribs

    Did some baby backs for the Pats game. Sorry to see my team lose, but congrats to Denver! Was a cold and windy day, but used a welding blanket. Worked great! Set it up minion with lump and lit with a few handfuls of KBB. (on a side note it has taken me a while to get the minion method working...
  11. J

    More ribs on New Years Day

    Like several members here, I have been lurking lately and have not been posting. Been in hibernation in the cold winter here in So Cal:) Ha! As much as I enjoy the photos of all of your great cooks, I also love seeing many of snow photos. I have no idea what it is like to shovel snow all...
  12. J

    Transporting Baby Backs

    Taking some ribs on a trip but am not sure if the place we are staying has a grill to reheat the ribs. I was going to smoke em at home, foil, and refrigerate them for the 7 hour drive. I was just wondering the best way to reheat them in an oven just in case there is no grill at my disposal. Also...
  13. Michael C.

    Sunday's Extra Meaty Pecan smoked ribs!!!!

    I found some very extra meaty baby back ribs last weekend on sale. I smoked it today, using pecan wood. I used Lucille's BBQ spice rub, water in the pan. I smoked them for 2 hrs, foiled for 2hrs with apple juice, then basted with Lucille's bbq sauce. Very tender and moist, nice little smoke...
  14. Michael C.

    Winning Superbowl Extra Meaty Ribs!

    Great game! I was torned who to root for, as I liked both teams. I favored the Ravens, glad they one, it was a great game!!!! Here are some Extra Meaty baby back ribs that I picked up from Von's this morning. Threw them on the smoker, 2hrs with a mix of hickory and apple wood, foiled after...
  15. A

    First time cooking ribs on the WSM.

    Hi all! I just got my 22.5" WSM a couple of weeks ago, and I decided this weekend to try my hand at loin back ribs. I used the BRITU rub and cooking method, and they turned out really nice. I cooked 4 racks with a total weight of about 13 lbs. (these were BIG racks...the butcher didn't have any...
  16. F

    First time WSM use, baby back ribs (time to smoke?)

    Excited to smoke some baby backs this afternoon, and I'm being lazy by starting here instead of just researching myself. If I want to sit down and start eating around 5, any recommendations on how long to cook and at what temp range...I'm thinking 3 hours on the grill - close? Thanks in advance!