Winning Superbowl Extra Meaty Ribs!


Michael C.

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Great game! I was torned who to root for, as I liked both teams. I favored the Ravens, glad they one, it was a great game!!!! Here are some Extra Meaty baby back ribs that I picked up from Von's this morning. Threw them on the smoker, 2hrs with a mix of hickory and apple wood, foiled after 2hrs, until tender. Brushed them with Lucilles BBQ sauce at the end, very tasty ribs. could have had a better smoke ring, but, they tasted pretty good! here are the pics :)

My Smoker setup.

First peek at ribs, they look great!!!!

Lots of meat here.

Looks very tasty.

The Money shot!!!!

First slice. Looks pretty good to me :).

Moist and tender. The ribs turned out great! Thanks for looking :).
Michael put me down for at least a rack!!!!!!!!!!!!
SENSATIONAL looking Ribs Michael! MUCH better than the game!!!
Love the Colour!! I'll bet they were dam Tasty!!