1. BenM

    My "I Had Nothing To Do" BBQ Sauce Recipe

    As the name indicates, I was sitting around the house, bored, with nothing to do, so I decided to experiment and make a BBQ sauce. I have to be totally honest here, this is probably the best sauce I have ever made in my life. It goes great on pork and chicken. It is not the typical heavy, thick...
  2. BenM

    Apricot BBQ Sauce

    Good morning all. Here is the recipe for my apricot bbq sauce 6 ounces of apricot preserves (MUST be preserves) 1 cup of ketchup 1/2 can of root beer soda (amount is based upon how thick/thin you want the sauce to be) 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons...
  3. BenM

    Great Sale on Pork Chops & St. Louis Spare Ribs at Costco

    For those who are beat a Costco...I just picked up a 3-pack of ribs and 12 oork chops for $35 and $18 respectively.
  4. BenM

    Pulled the trigger and added a WSM (18") to my cooking arsenal

    Good evening all. I'm a former NYC restaurant owner and have been in the travel and hospitality industry for about 30 years. Cooking and wine have always been a passion of mine. I already have a Weber Kettle with a rotisserie and pizza oven mod as well as a Traeger Pro Series 34. On Friday, I...
  5. Darryl - swazies

    Beef ribs

    Digging through the freezer as I went to get a few briskets and cam across a fairly thin 8 bone beef rib rack that is blue angus. Lots of fat on it and apparently I paid $38.00 for it so I decided Sunday was the perfect time. Put it on at 1, they need time but not 6 hours I hope......this is 2.5...
  6. Bruce McClure

    My first low and slow smoke.

    I'm getting a little braver! The Bride ™️ and I have been watching a ton of videos (thanks to everyone for the encouragement and recommendations) and found a couple of YouTube channels we like. BBQ Pit Boys. These guys have been on YT forever and they have some pretty neat recipes (and some...
  7. Darryl - swazies

    Weekend baby’s and wings

    Did a fairly easy 5 to 6 hour cook on the weekend. 1 rack of baby back and a dozen huge wings. 2 Weber baskets, one on each side. I ran about 270 most of the time, was aiming for 275. Seemed a bit easier I went with kbb for my first time ever, only had to load back up once. 1 hunk of apple and...
  8. MMosher

    A few great cooks w/ Ceramic briquettes

    Just want to describe a new method I used over the past few days on my 22" WSM. I'll start by describing the setup: I lined the water pan with about 35 of these ceramic briquettes I picked up on Amazon then placed foil over top to avoid as much cleaning as possible. I also have a Cajun Bandit...
  9. M Craw

    Hello from The Hawkeye State!

    Hey guys, Craw here from the great state of Iowa. Go Hawks! :cool: Long time (on and off) lurker, but I thought I would finally register and introduce myself. This is a incredible resource for us outdoor cooking enthusiasts, and I hope I can share a little bit of my knowledge/advice with all...
  10. C

    Racks for smoking Beef Ribs on WSM

    Hi All, I have started to get into Beef Ribs w the Long Bone. How can I fit more on at one time? Those long Rib racks are huge. I can only fit around 3 racks on the WSM 22" (Top and bottom) and still have to cut them. Are there any racks that are best for the long beef ribs?
  11. Ryan.M

    Using both WSM racks (top/bottom) to make 6 Racks of Ribs? HELP !!!

    All, I need to make 6 racks of ribs today and i really enjoyed the Basic Rib Recipe on VWB - http://virtualweberbullet.com/rib4.html . If i want to use the bottom rack can I? Do i need to alot more time or water, etc... So it would 3 (as pictured in the recipe) and 3 on the bottom rack as...
  12. Ryan.M

    Reheat Baby Back Ribs - Day After ????

    Hey All, I will be going to a July 4th Party and I wanted to make BB Ribs. Can i make them the day before and reheat on a grill ? If so how would i go about doing it or.... should I do something else? I have heard that grilling BB Ribs is hard and they come out chewy, maybe I misheard. Any...
  13. A

    First cook on now

    I got an 18.5" a week ago and am doing my first cook now. The person I bought it from had it loaded with lump, so I'm burning that. I put some baby back ribs on around 2, and I've been able to keep the temp around 225 even though it's been windy and a little chilly here in Toronto. About to...
  14. Michael C.

    High heat spare ribs

    I was pressed for time, so high heat spare ribs! I kept flipping the ribs every 5 minutes or so, directly over the coals, then drizzle some bbq sauce at the last minute. The ribs were moist, chewy with great flavor! Here are the pics. spare ribs on sale. Ribs on. they look done now...
  15. Michael C.

    weekend quick videos

    Hi all, I really enjoyed all of the post from Memorial weekend cook outs. I did a fare share of my self. I took some quick 30 sec videos, thought I'd share them :) https://youtu.be/802-iAQcJvg Sonora Mesquite lump charcoal throwing a lot of sparks. https://youtu.be/5wkMbAILjTY Smoking some...
  16. Michael C.

    Friday's Honey Garlic BB ribs

    Hi all, Getting an early start of BBQ this weekend, decided to throw some baby back ribs on the grill on sale at $2.77lb. Used Hickory chunks indirect for 2 hrs, then foiled for 1 hr with apple juice. Came out perfect, moist tender and great flavor with that Honey Garlic rub from Weber. Looking...
  17. Sean H

    Ribs and Wings - Just some pics while cooking

    The ribs: spares seasoned with a rub I threw together, smoked on the WSM with oak wood. There are some delicious beans serving as the drip pan below. Cooked them for about 4.5-5 hours at 275. No foil, no sauce. The wings: rubbed with Penzey's Galena Street, and cooked on my kettle with a...
  18. RDOwens

    Friday Evening Montreal Steak Spares

    My sister came to townand she likes ribs. I trimmed four racks of spares this morning. I needed more charcoal and because I was under the gun on time, I picked up Kingsford for the first time in years. Came home, fired up the WSM, and seasoned the spares. I used Montreal steak seasoning...
  19. B

    Rib Trial & Error Day(s)

    I've been smoking, pretty regularly, for about a year and a half now. It's become a bit of an addiction - but a good one. (I fear what will happen if I start home brewing). My brisket game is TIGHT. I've got people lining up for pulled pork... But my rib game has been GOOD, but not GREAT...
  20. RDOwens

    S&P (and some cumin) Spare Ribs

    Smoked S&P (and cumin) Spare Ribs This summer seems to be the season of spare ribs for us. I have been smoking lots of racks this year. My wife, always there with her thoughts, has let me know that she likes tightly trimmed St. Louis racks. She does not want to deal with any cartilage...