What wood do you like when smoking turkey?


Aaron Lucas

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what are your woods of choice when smoking turkey
Last week I did 100 percent cherry and it was wildly good

lightish smoke flavor

Today I’m thinking of experimenting with hickory/ apple combo.

Anyone else have any preferences or go to’s??

This is only my second turkey smoke


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your choice is ideal
and your experiment is perfect

I use apple and hickory together quite often
I did a rotisserie turkey on Thanksgiving Day with apple and I will repeat it again on Christmas Day
Apple / hickory is a winner too

a bit less delicate than the cherry wood but the right kinda “more Smokey”

just used a couple chunks to achieve smoked turkey goodness

and for my northern California bbq friends I’ve found kinders boxed brine to be a fairly easy all in one turkey seasoning solution.

And free range diestel turkeys
Seem to go half price after holidays
Last one I did, I used Apple, tasted good, but in my log book my notes said “use stronger wood next time” so going to try the apple/hickory mix suggested here
I did peach a few years ago and did a brine and spritzed with peach wine. Turned out pretty well. I might do cherry this year if I can find the wood. If not, it'll probably be apple with just a touch of hickory