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  • I told them i was moving my grill to get it out of the wind and that i picked it up by the table and it cracked .
    First go to Weber .com and register that grill the other guy never did
    Also you can do a search on here and at Kettle Club for the Bale part number it is like 68153??? but it starts with 68----.
    Enjoy. great grill mine is a AD 2010 and it is what i bought to learn charcoal use. it was my best buy i ever did i burnt a few things and over smoked a couple cooks but i was learning and it was fun, then i bought a 2010 18.5 WSM and more fun love smoking sausage and chicken, and the best Turkey you can eat.
    This and Kettle Club are great boards and sources of learning for questions they really like to help.
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