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    EX6 for ssle

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    Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥

    Very nice ,excellant smoke ring , with a ring like that hard to beleive folks claim a low snake flavor. I will let you be the judge ,fill us in please.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    From multiple health pros. Wearing a mask will not stop the virus because of leakage along the different face lines of people wearing them. BUY what really does is stop the particles and moisture from a person's normal speech spray from lips etc from passing from one to another. So wearing...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I had the flu back in December of course gave it my wife, and she had what you have much worse than mine and lasted well over a month and now she has her allergies pugging up her sinuses. To different animals.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I was staying up real late reading old mystery and though of a great book to write if I could write . Well nothing treid nothing gsined.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Ok let's just ponder a thought, this virus starts in China at a open market meat stand of questionable variety, buy no now on News Max, and OAN the say patient zero was a shrimp sales person, better than a Bat Meat sales person. So anyway she got sick early December like the 3 or 5th. And now...
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    SPOG rub on steaks?

    I use Montreal (which has all of these and more)seasoning on steak,lamb, chuck roast. And it in parts a very good flavor.
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    Hi. I am M Hubbell from Indiana....

    Welcome, you have a nice family of cooking gear I hope you will share your experience and the board will give opinions on the future cooking gear you are looking to buy.
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    Anyone done a small butt yet? Recommendations?

    That looks very tasty great color, keep these cooks coming
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    DeSoto, Kansas

    Welcome,very nice cooks like yo see more
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    Have these in my back yard in Ky in the fall I see a big Tom along with the herd.
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    CL Free Stuff

    My first Weber grill, got it as a freind was moving . Great got me hooked
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    Smoke Fire

    Congrats on being invited to Weber H Q. For the Smoke Fire roll out. Now if you were get one of these I could see some expansion in your waste line and mine as I have made many of your cooks.
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    Hello from San Bernardino, CA

    I am just wondering when the restaurant will opening. As it is a pity not to share such wonderful tangents as you two have.
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    Hot'n Fast Yardbird on the WSM

    Nicely done ,noce seasonings I bet the flavor is just out of the park.