Grandson, Blake, started living his BBQ dream today

I think it is fantastic in this environment and culture that he is bold enough to follow his dream. That alone is a success story. Nothing but the best to him.
Now that we both have our rabies shots, we went to sample his food.
I had the special, a Cuban with ham, cheese, pulled pork and pickles.
Mrs Bob had a double smash cheeseburger. Both were very good!
Got there for an early lunch, didn't see much of him, 6 orders came in right after ours.
I gave him a Thermoworks Thermopop I rarely used after getting the MK4


Don't know how I missed this but I did. Barb and I wish Blake the very best and with you as a mentor I'm sure he will succeed. Tuff business to start with but the menu looks great as does the food. The best part is he is following his passion.
A Chip off the OLD Block there Bob, lets hope he does well.... and I like the menu.
I'd Door - Dash some of that goodness for tonights dinner but I don't think it would make it in time....:D
That’s awesome. To go from backyard cooking with Grampa to starting his own business. Clearly was raised VERY well.

i wish I was local, would be there in a heartbeat