Grandson, Blake, started living his BBQ dream today


Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Some of you might remember my grandson and bbq buddy. He was 13 when he joined here and didn't post but a few times, teenage years you know.
He's 22 now and has been working and cater grilling for the largest butcher shop in St Louis. Today he branched out on his own.
With a kitchen rented at a neighborhood bar and grill, an electric smoker (I've yet to see) and a menu that I think is too large, he starts living the dream he's had for years.
Once we feel safer, when our vaccines have had more time to work, we'll be checking out his setup and his cooking. Hope to post about it in the near future. Food service is a tough business, he's no doubt got some tough times ahead.
I told him he needs some tats on those blank canvas arms.


His mom, my daughter, was there for the opening with her hubby. Here's their order:


The menu:



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Congratulations to your grandson. Gotta like seeing someone of the younger generation take bold steps. His menu looks pretty good. Maybe cut back on the appetizers a bit. But other than that I don’t think he is over stepping himself. More power to him.


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Bob, how great!!!!!

You must be so proud of him. If he ever wants to branch out, tell him Boca is the place to be. lol

J Grotz

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Looks like a nice menu. I'd be there for the pimento cheese bites and a pulled pork sammie in a heartbeat if I wasn't two time zones away.


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Menu looks pretty broad but several items offer variants of common ingredients which is a great way to showcase the stars of the show and be resource efficient. Might be manageable but like Timothy said, butts in seats will dictate what items stay or go. That being said, not having some of his smoked/bbq items as pizza toppings might be an angle where where he gets a little Grandfatherly advice.
*Disclaimer: nothing In this post was intended as anything other than positive and/or supportive. The typed word is very poor at showing intent.

Brenda T

Good for him! The food looks great to me. And I think his arms look JUST FINE. :giggle:
Maybe he's not one to cave to peer pressure. That will serve him well. :cool:

Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Thanks everyone, I'll pass your comments on to him.
He sent me a text last night and said everything went well.