What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?


Anthony Spitzer

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Went to the freezer last night and pulled a whole chicken to go on the rotisserie for Saturday and a Brisket flat to smoke for Sunday. Both thawing in the fridge now. Who knows what we'll come up with for sides. A few cold cocktails and some local brewery beers to beat the heat.

Rich Dahl

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Having some friends over on the 4th. KFC on the performer with the vortex, Cliffs recipe for root beer beans. Barb is making a new recipe of old fashioned potato salad and some poppers.

Mark Foreman

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We are smoke grilling Tri-Tip with Argentine Chimichurry sauce. Sides are watermelon and BBQ Beans from BBQpitfuys.com. Dessert is strawberry shortcake - homemade pound cake with macerated strawberries and homemade whipped cream and coffee.
Our gathering is Saturday.
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Mark Silver

We’re going to a 50+ person neighborhood potluck party serving hot dogs and hamburgers. I’m bring my “special” beans, which I make to entice the kids to eat them with ingredients not usually found in beans and on the sweeter side.


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I'll be pulling out the meat slicer, grilling a couple of tri-tips, and slicing really thin for sammies. Some spiral-sliced hot dogs are always on the menu. Baked beans, salad, chips, watermelon, iced tea, lemonade, sodies, and unknown dessert brought by our guests.
i'll just assume my invite got lost in the internet email system :cry:

sounds like a fun 4th. Enjoy!!!

grilled jalapenos on those sammies would go well!


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haven't a clue what i'm cooking. brain is focused on closing out work so i can get on vacation/holiday.


I like to do either beef ribs or a small brisket...
Living in So-Cal, it all hinges on what I can find/what's available.


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No big get togethers, it’ll probably just be the two of us all weekend. I’m gonna do a tri-tip on Saturday then some kind of fajitas on Sunday. Monday will be St Louis ribs with corn on the cob, potato salad etc. I’m sure there will be some sort of red, white and blue dessert too!
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Bob Bailey

If the forecast holds true, will be doing some St. Louis ribs and a spatchcock chicken on the Santa Maria. Still too far out to believe predictions after the winds we've been having lately but my fingers are crossed. Plan B is pretty much the same proteins done on the pellet pooper. Some ABTs. tater salad and maybe some BBQ beans for sides, finishing off with whatever Miriam decides on for dessert.