Update on Barb


Rich Dahl

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Barb had a pet scan on Monday which is where a radioactive dye is injected into her system and then a scan is taken of her whole body.
This is done to see if the cancer has spread.
Today we got the results of the scan.
Everything is fine no trace of any cancer anyplace else in her body. Next up we are going to see the cancer specialist next Monday to determine the plan of action. Our GP was the one that gave us the results and his thoughts was because it’s so small they may go in and remove the tumor and some mild chemo and that should do it.
Let’s hope so.
We walked into the doctor’s office full of apprehension and left full of hope.
Again thank you for all the kind words and support it really has helped a lot.

Rich & Barb
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Len Dennis

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It certainly is. I know when I left from my final appointment for thought-to-be-cancer tests, I never felt so fantastic that all tests and MRI's turned out to be negative.

Keeping fingers crossed for you folks .


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That's great news, runs in my family bad, hope my sister and aunt have news as good soon ,prayers sent for a full healing

Tim K

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Rich, that’s grat news, God is good! I will continue to pray for the both of you as well as the others that are facing down this terrible giant. Please keep your head up and I hope Barb can do the same. The sun will shine again!

Les Stubby

I've meant to post upon hearing of your situation, and am finally doing so. My wife was first diagnosed in 1993 and had a lump removed and had treatments, I can't remember whether chemo or radiation. Her cancer returned in 2000 in the same spot and she had a mastectomy (sp?) and treatments of some sort. Through all of this time she has been an avid jogger and now walker and is the healthiest person I know. She turns 69 tomorrow and looks 20 years younger.
I say all of this because you and Barb have every reason for optimism. We're are thinking of both of you and if Barb would like a sounding board my wife would be happy to talk to her. Just pm me and we can set it up.