Jumbo Ravioli



TVWBB Wizard
Homemade jumbo ravioli stuffed with homemade Italian sausage & a cheese mixture. 2-3 Weeks ago, I made a 7-pound batch of bulk Italian sausage, vacuum sealed & froze it into 1lb. packages for future uses.
Sausage Grind.jpg

The filling consisted of 2 lb. of the Italian sausage along with a mixture of ricotta, Parm, 5-cheese blend & various seasonings
The Filling.jpg

For the dough I had some 00 Flour that was approaching its expiration date, simple dough recipe, flour, eggs, olive oil & a few pinches of salt.
I broke out the old standby, the Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine to make the sheets of pasta.
Pasta sheet.jpg
A Norpro jumbo ravioli maker with press was used to stuff the ravioli. 5 Dozen in total were made.
Ravioli Press.jpg
Wow Eric what a great job you did. I'd love to have one of those raviolis just a taste. Wonderful dinner I'm sure
Where's my bib? And my dinner invites??????

Home made pasta is one of the things that I do want to master. I haven't been able to get the dough to the proper consistency. Also possible I'm not resting t enough.
Looks great. We have a pasta party with some friends and my wife and I always make raviolis because we have my wife’s grandmas ravioli molds. We have a pasta party coming up and we’ll be making bison ravioli for one batch and butternut squash Gruyère for the other. It’s a fun night three coupes all making different pasta and sauces to accompany.