2018 Smoke Day is SW Colorado

russ olin

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Getting things ready around here for smoke day 2018:
Plated ribs are seasoned

Old leaky needed to get warmed up

Jealous Devil lump with Hickory wood chunks

A little past 4 this afternoon we spotted smoke to the north of our house

We couldn't tell just how far away it was from us. But could tell it was burning hot.

A hour later. Fire fighters are getting a handle on it.
Then we noticed more smoke to the south. Oh boy

We know the fire to the south is a good ways away from us.
Looks like tomorrow might be interesting.
Will post more tomorrow.
Have a guud one.
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Cliff Bartlett

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Good luck to you Russ with that fire. I know it's a nauseating feeling to look out and see that smoke cloud. I checked on line and didn't see any updates, assuming that's the 358 fire, so hopefully things are better. Hang in there. Looking forward to seeing those ribs!

russ olin

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Pulled out the ribs after seasoning them & gerarding them over night a pro tip by the great Chris Marks. It breaks down tough fibers and drives the seasoning deep into the meat.
Mopped the ribs with Worchestershire this morning after air drying all night. A little more Hardcore after that.
Into old leaky we go:

A couple hours in we mopped with beef broth/worchestershire

4 hours in and starting to see some bones showing. Another mopping we look to be halfway there.

We have 15 mph winds here with cloud cover. Fires seem to be under control at this point.
We have seen a couple of choppers flying. So far so good.
More to come.
Hope that you are enjoying your smoke day like we are.
Weber Mountain Smoker working away, of course in the mountains.

2 Guard dogs on duty. No one is getting our RIBS without a heck of a fight. lol
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russ olin

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Yes Cliff, it is the 328 fire to our north. Arena fire to the south.
328 was started by someone target shooting at a private range.

russ olin

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Our finest fighting the fire to the north of us.
Kool pic that the wife got:

Ribs are ready to give it up. 8 hours later. Lot of bone showing. Just the way that we like it.

Plated pic:

Nailed it! The fat was rendered out but the ribs were juicy. As you can see.

Great day. Hope that yours was as guud.
Happy Memorial Day everyone
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Peter Gallagher

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wow! those ribs look SOOO tasty!! It's too early to be worrying about fire... its going to be a long summer in the west.....

Pat G

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Those ribs look amazing Russ. Good luck with the fires. "Old Leaky", that's a classic.

Rich Dahl

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First those ribs look great. As you know Barb and I have been through the fire thing up close and personal. It's not a fun thing to live through our thoughts are with you and your family. Be safe!

Barb D

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Ribs look fantastic along with the potato salad. Your guard dogs did a great job, hope they got a taste or two. Been there with the fires and hope all is ok, keep us posted.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Russ, what’s “Gerarding” or did smell mess kick something else in? Did you mean “Jacquard”? One of those little many needle pointy things?