pulled pork

  1. B

    Cinco de Mayo Themed Pulled Pork

    So my church is celebrating its 5th year in existence on May 5th with a "Cinco De Mayo/Fiesta-themed Pot Luck" meal. My wife suggested I do pulled pork, which I have no problem doing, especially since I was just explaining to the pastor that you don't really have to choose between Mexican food...
  2. P

    First cook on the Weber Summit Kamado E6 - pulled pork

    HI everyone, finally pulled the trigger on my WSK purchase and it arrives on Friday. I've order an amazing pork butt from an excellent butcher here in the UK and can't wait to get it on! Wanted to get any advice from you wise people here on the cook. I've cooked a number of pork butts on Weber...
  3. ChrisAmico

    Adjustments for a small pork shoulder

    I have a meat share (Walden) that sent us a couple small cuts of pork shoulder: 3 lbs, 2 lbs and 1 lb. I'm planning on throwing them all on the smoker at once. I figure no sense lighting the smoker for just a pound of meat, and it's easy to save leftovers. I'm a little nervous that the...
  4. John K BBQ

    AFC Championship Pulled Pork and Chuck

    I fired up the the 22" WSM for the first time in a while on Sunday. Got started early, lit coals about 6 AM, and ran pretty hot with lots of KF original and pecan chunks on the bottom. No water pan... used the fire dial instead. Achieved 325 to 350 F with the top vents all the way open and...
  5. G

    Max Boston Butts on a WSM 18"?

    Hi. I was thinking of trying to cook 4 boston butts for pulled pork simultaneously, two on each rack. I did three simultaneously quite awhile ago, and vaguely remember something about difficulty maintaining temp due to the quantity of meat absorbing the heat energy, but it isn't clear. Have any...
  6. Darryl - swazies

    Pulled Pork taco’s and smoked wings

    Had a 7 pound pork shoulder hanging around in my Covid lockdown supply and I was inspired by our own Michael Richards. We are having friends over tonight for food so I wanted to take the opportunity. I purchased Malcom's Grande gringo rub a while back and am going to make pulled pork taco’s...
  7. John K BBQ

    Partial Review on PK360 - Low & Slow Pork Butt

    Happy Thursday everyone! I haven't posted much about my PK360 because we are all mostly Weber people. I decided to give the PK360 a shot because my used 22" Weber Kettle was getting a little beat up and I wanted to get something with a hinged lid. The PK360 has a lot of good reviews and fans...
  8. S

    First Pork Butt for SB

    I'm tackling my first long smoke tonight for the SB. We have about 23 adults and 24 kids showing up tomorrow. Needless to say, I gotta get this smoke right! I have two bone-in pork butts that are each around 10 lbs. I didn't have to trim much fat at all. I plan to start around 10-11...
  9. J

    Brisket, Butts & Bragging Rights - Help!

    Hey Guys! My daughter's school is hosting it's first annual Cook Off next week, and they have some some rules that are taking me out of my comfort zone, and I was hoping I could get some advice on over coming the challenges. Here goes: I'm cooking on an 18 WSM. I'm a Texan in TN and ALWAYS...
  10. S Thakkar

    22.5" WSM Question - How much pulled pork can I make?

    Hey everyone, I've yet to max out my 22.5 WSM, but I'm making pulled pork for my church. Anyone have an idea about how much pulled pork you can yield from it? Or, how many I can feed? Thinking simple: Small sammiches using Hawaiian bread + slaw and potato salad as a side. Thanks in advance...
  11. M

    Pork Butt Help

    Hey all, I just got a 22" and I'm 0-2. I started a cook yesterday at 10am (cold day 17 degrees) at a steady 250 degrees. At the 6 hour mark the temp started dropping because my coal was depleted. I removed the pork butt and wrapped it in aluminum foil to rest. I ran to the store, reloaded...
  12. M

    2 Butts?

    In a few weeks I'm going to be smoking 2 pork butts to make pulled pork for company. I'm thinking two 8-10 lb butts. I've never smoked 'em before, so I want to make sure there's room for both in the smoker. One on top and one on the bottom? Do I need to adjust cooking time? Any help is much...
  13. AlexD

    Weekend Smoke #2

    Hi All! Ok so my 2nd weekend with the 18.5 WSM was another success, according to my taste testers. Let me know what you think I had planned on doing chicken on Saturday and a low and slow pork shoulder on Sunday, but a surprise trip out to a friends cabin changed that. First Saturday at the...
  14. Daniele Faresin

    Next level Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Hello guys, here is the latest pork shoulder I smoked. Rubbed with my mentor's barbecue rub. (SerialRub#19) Bonless, Not brined, not injected, not marinated, Hickory wood smoked. Cooked at 215°F and foiled at 160°F up to 198°F. Pulled and combined with vinegar sauce and creamy coleslaw in...
  15. A

    Brisket, Butt and Turkey tomorrow

    Hi everyone, first post ever (!) but I've been reading this site for years. Tomorrow about 20 of our closest friends are coming over and I hope to provide them with a feast! Here's the game plan: 5.6 lb brisket Going to try a new method I just read about: Rubbed the beef tonight, going to...
  16. Jan M.

    Small Carolina Pulled Pork

    Hello together, Today it was time for a small Carolina Pulled Pork. Covered with Mustard and self made Magic Dust. Sauce is a self made honey-mustard sauce. Hear some pics form today! Best regards from Franconia Germany, Jan
  17. Sheila Cochran

    Pulled Pork … "Its done when its done"

    My nephew asked if I would "cater" their daughters First Birthday Party, I agreed to prepare Pulled Pork and Mac 'n Cheese - I couldn't do all the food since I have a full-time job and the party was at 1pm Saturday. I picked up a package of pork butts from Sams on Thursday, so all I had to do...
  18. H

    New Years Day Pork collards and hop n johns

    New years day I cooked a 6 lb pork butt with my standard dry rub cooked at 250 for about 10 hours on my drum with stubbs and pecan wood. I made a yellow mustard sauce and a red sauce to go with it. My girlfriend cooked (indoors) collards with ham hock and hop n johns, which is a low country...
  19. H

    New Years Day Pulled Pork

    Got a pair of Butts from Sams (about 10.5 lbs total before cutting away fat) Dry rubbed & smoked yesterday For my first time doing pork, it turned out well - much thanks to all of the info I get from this forum! :)
  20. JSchlegelmilch

    Emptying the Freezer

    Between our schedules, leftover BBQ in the freezer has been a great thing on busy evenings where we don't have much time to cook. Pair that with our mini slow cooker for warming the leftovers, and it is a game changer. I mentioned to my wife that these roasts that we have in our freezer would be...