Next level Pulled Pork Sandwich


Daniele Faresin

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Hello guys,
here is the latest pork shoulder I smoked.
Rubbed with my mentor's barbecue rub. (SerialRub#19)
Bonless, Not brined, not injected, not marinated, Hickory wood smoked.



Cooked at 215°F and foiled at 160°F up to 198°F.
Pulled and combined with vinegar sauce and creamy coleslaw in a delicious sandwich.



Bye from Italy ;)
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Nicely done Daniele, very nicely done! Your SJS-Mini is getting it done real nice!
Really thank you all guys.
A good pulled pork sandwich is really a special dish, even for people who have never tried it before.

The pieces of bark were on the bottom of the pan.

Thank you, the SJS-MiniWSM is small but works well.
Thanks to this forum for the information you gave me to build it.

@ Brian Dahl
These little skewers are perfect for half sandwiches :D