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  • Hey Enrico, love your Colosseum icon with the Weber grill in it. Pretty cool. Rome is my favorite city in the world...but I could not find any barbecue there. LOL!!
    Hi Enrico,

    I seen your photos of your snake method and was very interested!

    Did you fabricate that angled ring yourself? If not where did you purchase it?

    Do you still need to put a pizza pan on top or does your cooking grate now go straight on top with a pan of water?

    Does the heat reflection from the ring allow you to use almost all of the cooking grate?

    Look forward to hearing from you
    Hi Enrico, curious about bbq in Italy, I am sure there are some differences to some items you cook. Any special spices or sauces you use. Interested to see if you have any recipes or techniques that you could share.
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