1. ChadRex

    1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage Good deal?

    I am in search of a Red 22" Weber kettle. I am willing to add leg kit and One Touch system for the right kettle. Is a 1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage good deal at $399.00? other than a few chips on the lid it looks like its in excellent condition.
  2. D

    Natural Gas Orifice Size for Weber Genesis II E-310 Conversion

    Hi all! I'm new here and recently purchased a Weber Genesis II E-310 in LP but just moved to a house that has a NG hookup so obviously I would rather use that. I have read many of the threads here and on other sites and understand that the best way to convert to NG would be to replace the...
  3. F

    Pro Meat Probe for Weber iGrill $15.99
  4. P

    Weber Flame Outdoor Fireplace for sale (not working) best offer CLARK NJ

  5. Nerkalis

    Weber Genesis Platinum C - New to me - Thoughts appreciated

    Hello All. First post as I am new to this Q community. I recently acquired a classic Weber Genesis Platinum C. Grabbed for $60 off local ad and got it home. Was a NP model and I had some parts from old to convert without much hassle. Even added a tank holder to the outside from a Weber Genesis...
  6. MichaelLC

    FS: Weber 22" Premium Kettle, Green + Stuff (Chicago burbs)

    Selling my green Premium Kettle with some upgrades, thinking $125 but open to reasonable offers. Chicago suburbs, near Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights. Great shape, clean with a good seasoning throughout. Hand-assembled in the USA. Includes: Weber Original Kettle Premium...
  7. R

    How to remove Genesis side burner & cap gas line?

    Hi there - apologies in advance if there are other threads that cover this ad nauseam, I did a search and found nothing. I'm getting ready to build a grill surround island and will be removing the side shelves from my Genesis 1 S-330. This would include the right shelf, which is a burner...
  8. M

    Weber 22" Performer Charcoal Grill for sale in SoCal (Canyon Country)

    Asking for $225. Must be picked up. Bought new ($279 +taxes), used maybe 10-15 times. Great condition, have to sell because of HOA rules. Price includes Weber chimney starter ($20 value), remaining half bag of charcoal, the few remaining tumbleweed firestarters and lighter cubes I have, 3/4...
  9. Scott Lester

    2015 Performer Find

    New to the site, but not forums. I am excited to join here! I'm a new Weber addict, purchased an Original kettle over the summer. That ignited the fever. After seeing post after post in FB of the Performers, I became envy of them and had to have one, but no way I was paying $450 for one. I...
  10. JDillard

    WSM Identification Needed

    Hi guys! I’m wondering if you all could help me identify the size of this WSM. I am picking it up on Saturday after finding it on FB marketplace. The door looks different from the current WSM models that I see in store. The handle also looks wooden - possible after market handle?? Anyway, any...
  11. D

    Problems with gas flow on my Weber Q 1200 (and I've done everything to fix it)

    Hi, everyone. So, my Weber Q 1200 :weberq: has a bad gas flow problem. The flames basically only light on half the burner tube (the area closest to the gas intake). I've watched all the videos. I've pulled out the burner tube and cleaned it. I've poked all the holes on it to make sure there...
  12. JDillard

    Help Needed Identifying Weber 2726 Fire Pit

    Hi! i picked this pit up today from FBMP in hopes that it is indeed the Weber 2726 fire pit. I am a relative newbie to all things Weber so I am not sure if this is an actual Weber product. There’s no Weber logo or emblem anywhere but it does resemble the shape of the throwback pit. Also, do...
  13. Jon K

    SOLD Complete Propane Manifold Assembly, Genesis 310 NO Side Burner 2008 To 2010 $60

    My loss is your gain! I ordered the wrong part of my Genesis rebuild and by the time I realized, it was too late to return the incorrect part. This is a complete propane manifold assembly. Fits Genesis 310 with NO sideburner, years 2008-2010. Includes all three main burner valves mounted to the...
  14. R

    2000 Genesis Silver B on the cheap/ gas regulator problems

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking for a while and now have a situation/questions. There is a funny sound coming from the propane tank area. It sounds like the regulator, but I’m trying to stay open to other causes. It started the other day. Basically as soon as a burner is turned on, there is a whiny...
  15. Bill Hall

    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    I've been thinking about getting a 26er lately and wanted some insight. I already have a WSM 18 and a 22 inch Kettle. I wanted something to cook larger portions for the few times a year I cook for 6-8 people. I would be cooking things like turkeys, ribs, wings, and random bone-in chicken pieces...
  16. G

    Weber Genesis II E-310 - 2020 model difference

    Hello, This is my first time posting. Lowes in Canada has two Weber Genesis II E-310 natural gas grill models which appear to be identical except for the Weber model number and price. Does anyone know if one of them is a new model for 2020, and if so, what is the difference between the two...
  17. J

    Weber Genesis Needs Some Love

    Hi All, Greetings from New Zealand. After coming across this forum and seeing some of the amazing restore jobs here, I saw this old genesis online and thought I'd take it on as a little project. It's too big for my place but I plan on giving it to my parents to use. Generally speaking I...
  18. I

    Weber Family Q (Q3200) middle burner clogging - blowtorch fix

    Relative has this model. Also has rotisserie. Design problem means that any grease running over the central bar of the grill plates runs round to the middle and drips down onto the middle of the middle burner all the way along! Twice i have been to use this in 15 months and both times only 1/3...
  19. T

    Weber genesis igniter bracket discontinued... anyone know a replacement part?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a rehab of a weber genesis, and need to order a new igniter button and surrounding bracket. (part numbers 92510 and 92515 respectively). The igniter switch is easily replaceable but the bracket (92515) is discontinued from Weber. Anyone know where I can get a replacement or...
  20. M

    Weber Q Serial Numbers

    Apart from the two alphabetic characters to determine age, is there a structure around the numeric characters for Weber Q serial numbers or are these just randomly generated. For example, do the first two number represent something, then the next two something else etc etc.