1. MMosher

    A few great cooks w/ Ceramic briquettes

    Just want to describe a new method I used over the past few days on my 22" WSM. I'll start by describing the setup: I lined the water pan with about 35 of these ceramic briquettes I picked up on Amazon then placed foil over top to avoid as much cleaning as possible. I also have a Cajun Bandit...
  2. MMosher

    Heavy ash on pork shoulder - help please!

    Hi all, hoping for some advice or feedback. I pulled an allnighter in an attempt to have a delicious pulled pork lunch. My goal was to get a beautiful crust, so I did not wrap the pork at all, and I did not lift the lid for a full 7 hours. As you can see in the pics, there is some pretty heavy...
  3. K

    Grilling over charcoal is objectively, scientifically better than grilling over gas

    Here is an article from Wired... Charcoal or GAS...!!
  4. Jay Wilson

    Funniest BBQ Quotes?

    Do you know funniest barbecue quotes like as "once you put my meat in your mouth you're going to want to swallow" ?
  5. Hayes_Y

    Results of my first WSM cook, lots of questions and pics

    Hi all, I posted this on an Aussie BBQ forum, but thought i'd also share my experience and ask for your feedback/advice here. here's what I did and the results marinated meats the night before - 1.5kg of Pork Neck using mustard powder, cayenne pepper, sweet paprika, truffle olive oil, pink...
  6. S

    How to make your own ketchup

    I'm not sure whether this is the right category....but i will give it a try. Have you ever tried to cook your very own ketchup. No? Then watch the video and try this at home. It's easy and tastes really good. It's in german but subtitles are available. Just push the third button, counted from...
  7. Daniele Faresin

    Next level Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Hello guys, here is the latest pork shoulder I smoked. Rubbed with my mentor's barbecue rub. (SerialRub#19) Bonless, Not brined, not injected, not marinated, Hickory wood smoked. Cooked at 215°F and foiled at 160°F up to 198°F. Pulled and combined with vinegar sauce and creamy coleslaw in...
  8. Frank Eriksen

    Colorado > Superior: Wayne's Smoke Shack Wayne's Smoke Shack is one of my favorite BBQ joints in Colorado. It's close to where I live and Wayne does brisket right. Wayne opened up his BBQ restaurant a bit over a year ago in the Costco center in Superior Colorado and has been enjoying steady growth...
  9. P

    Hi from the nations capital - canada

    Hey guys, I just got my first wsm (used) last summer. I compete and have run an amateur circuit using kettles. We won 2 GC's and this year I am doing 2 pro comps. I really love my wsm - I have modded the thing - double charcoal grate, handles on the main cook body, handles on the lower grate...
  10. M

    Michigan > Milford: Smoke Street BBQ

    This restaurant just opened in November (2013) and the food and service were outstanding on opening weekend! The pulled pork and sausage were out of this world good. Brisket could have used a little more smoke but was still good. Not a whole lot of world class bbq options in Michigan but this...
  11. James Wyant

    This is James from Enumclaw, WA

    Hi everyone this is James from Enumclaw, WA. I have been smoking on my 18 1/2 Weber Smokey Mountain for a couple of years now. You can find some of my cooking videos on Youtube and google plus. This video is my of my Pork Butt I smoked today using Kingsford Briquettes and Peach Wood Chunks. Hope...
  12. D

    Weber Genesis 1000 Readhead from Long Island

    This story started with a search for a cart frame to rebuild a blacktop Genesis 1000 that was given to me recently. I posted a want-to-buy Craigslist ad looking for cheap or free parts off of forgotten about Webers. I unexpectedly received emails from two awesome Weber lovers within hours of the...
  13. J

    North Carolina > Cleveland: Keaton's BBQ I have there once, after listening to my buddies rave about it for years. It is hands down the best chicken I have eaten. The order I made was green beans, Mac n cheese and 1/2 chicken + an extra sauce. Man! The place isn't much to look at, but the people...
  14. J

    Tri Tip on the WSM

    Hello people, has anyone smoked a Tri Tip roast on the WSM? I have been cooking these roasts on my Weber Kettle with indirect heat which takes me about 45 - 60 minutes and then let it rest for 20 minutes. I was wondering if cooking this roast on the 18.5" WSM on low and slow heat might product...