Brisket, Butt and Turkey tomorrow



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Hi everyone, first post ever (!) but I've been reading this site for years. Tomorrow about 20 of our closest friends are coming over and I hope to provide them with a feast! Here's the game plan:

5.6 lb brisket
Going to try a new method I just read about: Rubbed the beef tonight, going to put it in a roaster pan with a wire rack and 1-2" liquid inside (probably the random Coors Light in the fridge I've been trying to get rid of), fat side up. Cook at 275 till done. Last time I made brisket, I did the old fashioned way (beef in WSM, foiled after about 6 hours, cooked some more). Came out un-sliceable, like stringy so I think that means it was overdone. It tasted amazing, it was just "pulled brisket" instead of sliced.

4 lb pork shoulder (bone-in)
Rubbed it tonight. Going to inject with apple juice and apple cider vinegar in the morning. Will smoke for a few hours, then mop for a few hours. Then I will foil with the mop and keep it like that until done.

1 bone-in split turkey breast
Brine tonight. Rub tomorrow and then will smoke for a few hours until done.

The only problem will be to maintain the smoker temp with all that meat going in at various times. I don't have any fancy gadgets on my WSM (yet) so I have to do it the old-school way (adding wood and hoping for the best). I plan to use cherry and hickory wood. Also, for the brisket, it says to take the water pan out, but I think I'll need the water pan for the pork and turkey. So what should I do?

Thoughts? Thanks! If I figure out how, I'll post photos tomorrow.
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Well since no one posted, I decided to forgo my brisket sans water pan and do it the old fashioned way.

7am: put the brisket on a 225 deg smoker
8:30am: put the pork butt on a 240 deg smoker
left alone
12:30: mopped the pulled pork (162 deg IT), brisket was at 170 deg. Put on turkey breast.
opened beer #1
1:30: mopped the pulled pork (167 deg IT), mopped brisket (175 deg IT).
Guests are coming over at 3pm. My goal is for meat to be ready by 4pm. Might be cutting it close. The turkey might not be done but it's for me anyway. Probably going to foil the butt with the next round of mop in an hour.
Welcome Al! If it were me, I like apple wood for turkey, and save the drippings for gravy. Usually when I am cooking for others, I do a test run cook
before hand. I hope that it turned out well for you, and welcome to TVWBB.