You know you're getting old when...

Film? What's that?
When my daughter began her photography degree in college (just a few years ago), she actually needed a film camera for one of the classes, not a digital one. Apparently, lots of professional photographers still use film instead of digital, because they show a higher definition of detail. Fortunately, we knew a photographer that lent us one for her. I wasn't aware that regular film was even made anymore.
Same with one of our children. I gave away my old Canon SLR for the course.

Oddly enough, my best camera ever was a simple Olympus rangefinder which I bought in the mid-70s. Super sharp optics and amazingly rich colors on standard Kodak 35mm film.
Came real close to doing that this morning, but I made up for it by not having my glasses on when I put the K-cup in. Was really surprised when I took a sip and it was hot chocolate instead of coffee.
Reminds me of a time at our remote hunting camp. It was well after dark and we were all outside around the campfire drinkin’ beer and shootin’ the breeze. I went to the cooler for a fresh beer and popped the top on what I thought was another Labatt Blue Light. I hoisted it up for a nice long pull and, to my surprise and horror, it turned out to be on of my son’s Mountain Dew sodas. I still have flashbacks of that coughing / hacking fit and it will forever remain one of the most traumatic experiences of my 50+ years here on God’s great earth. Everyone else got a good laugh out of it, though and all future beers were opened by the light of the campfire just in case. BTW - loving this thread. Keep ‘em coming.
Or, perhaps one of these…
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I still have my Post Versalog, leather case, and instruction book. It still amazes me that I would go into something as important as a math final, do a bunch of manipulations on the slide rule in a few seconds, and have the confidence to write down the result as my answer.

I joke that, if civilization collapses, I will still be able to work with logarithms. I'll build cabins with the natural logs, and use the common logs for firewood,
... the new Creekstone Farms website is painful to navigate :(
I think I will go see how old I really am!
Fletch, you must be older than me, I just went to the site, I thought it was pretty straightforward. Maybe I just spend too much time fooling around with sites that are more wicked and evil!
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