You know you're getting old when...



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IIRC it was the Colgate Cavalcade (or Palmolive) of stars with Cid Caesar, Imagene Coca, Mel Brooks, and Carl Reiner. My mother used to let me stay up late to watch with her. We'd laugh our tails off. Or, remember I Love Lucy and the Honeymooners when they weren't reruns

Phil Perrin

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I did not snag the recordings of Laugh In when it was being rebroadcast a few years back on one of the cheesy cable channels. I'm sorely regretting that now, some of that is absolutely timeless.


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....when you get a craving for carrot salad made with Jell-o!!!!!!

(can you guess what recipe binder I am working on? lol)

Bill Klinke

....when you get a craving for carrot salad made with Jell-o!!!!!!

(can you guess what recipe binder I am working on? lol)
or jello with grated carrots and pineapple.
But either way, better than the dreaded..............Lime Jello with grapefruit.

Rich Dahl

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True story. When we bought our 2001 Toyota 4runner it was the first time we owned a car with daytime running lights that come on automatically.
Well I don't drive at night much anymore but recently Barb needed something for a recipe she was making so I said I would go to the store and get it for her.
Jumped in the car and off I went when I saw that the instrument lights weren't on. I messed with the brightness control for them but nothing worked to get them on. So the next day I took it to the Toyota dealer after awhile the mechanic came and told me that they were working fine.
Well I said there has to be something wrong because they wouldn't come on last night. He smiled at me and said did you turn the headlights on. Yes, I did feel like a complete idiot I drove to the store and back with just the daytime headlights on, no taillights or side markers. I've only had the car for 20 years, yep I know I'm getting old.


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Rich, I used to have an 01 4runner and I totally get it. my son's 07 highlander is the same way. It shouldn't have to make me think...

In mine, I've gotten used to ( being lazy and ) just letting the lights decide when to turn on and off. The only time I have to manually turn lights on is in a daylight headlight required section on a couple of highways that I drive on.

Timothy F. Lewis

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My KIA has “auto on” headlights along with daytime running lights when I’d go under a bridge the auto sensor would fire the headlights then go off when I came out the other side, I left the thing with the dealership for three days! It dawned on me about two days after I got it back and felt like a complete nimrod!