You know you're getting old when...


Bob Bailey

We collected jars of quicksilver (mercury amalgam) from creek beds when we were kids, and played with it all day. Never washed our hands before lunch or a snack. Now they tell us how toxic it is. Guess we're too stupid to know we should have gotten deathly sick or died decades ago :)


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if you ever broke open old thermostat switches for the mercury to play with.
Yeah things are nuts now. A long number of years ago, I used to be a Field Service Tech for a large office equipment company. I was in a school servicing a machine and suddenly claxons are ringing, lights flashing, bells ringing, teachers running around PA making announcements to evacuate the school. I thought it was a fire. No the nurse dropped a fever thermometer and it broke. They evacuated the school, the fire dept came, the haz mat teams and so on. I could not finish the job until next day. What a joke

Brad Olson

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I'm pretty sure that's not true. If that's the case, then a whole lot of new vehicles sold over the last few years would not be legal.

There are specs that the bulbs (and reflectors, projectors, etc.) do need to meet, and it's possible for an aftermarket LED lamp manufacturer to meet those specs.
You did a better job of explaining it than I did. I meant to say that it's not legal to use LED bulbs on a vehicle that wasn't originally equipped with them.

Mark Foreman

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If you remember Sha-Na-Na. Even older if you remember the original renditions of everything they sang. Maybe older yet, if know the definition of rendition :)
We went to Fillmore west in SF to see Traffic. We also saw Tower of Power and Sha-Na-aNa was the opening band. Never heard of the but Bowser and company stole the show. I am a big fan!
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Bob Bailey

We went to Fillmore west in SF to see Traffic. We also say Tower of Power and Sha-N-aNa was the opening band. Never heard of the but Bowser and company stole the show. I am a big fan!
Yep. Definitely put on a good show. Saw them at the Filmore a couple of times. Those were the days. Filmore, Filmore west, Avalon Ballroom, Winterland and outdoor venues, like Speedway Meadows and the Band Shell. They say if you remember the '60s, you weren't there :) I lived on Parnassus near Frederick, so was there, though some of the memories are a bit fuzzy :)


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Years ago (a lifetime actually) I worked with and became good friends with a guy I began working with who it turned out was an ex Chicago Outlaw. Had done time in prison, and was actually a great guy. We used to ride together. Me on my shiny new BMW R60/6 him on his ratty old HD Chopper held together with bailing wire. He turned me on to the TV show on WTTW.
Sadly about 6 months after his wedding (married a girl pal of mine from HS), his neighbor shot and killed him. For nothing more than he heard a scream from the neighbor's apartment and when he checked to see if he could help he caught a bullet. Sad day :(