What's the price of gas where you live?

Filled up at Costco yesterday at 4.189 and all the stations around were 4.479 St Louis area
Regular is 4.79 at the moment. I usually run non ethanol for my mower but its 5.79 so the mower is getting the regular stuff. I got a small can of it for smaller engines. Diesel is 6.29 at the moment but I don't need to worry about that one
4.57 here also for Regular, I topped off with Deisel yesterday at 5.21 . And there is a .90 cent range higher to low within 17.0 miles. 4.89 to 5.79.
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$4.39 at Costco last night. 10-30 cents more everywhere else. Saw diesel at $5.55.
Our immediate local prices in several stations are higher the even nearby towns -- the owner is known for his greed. so the cheapest yesterday was 4.19. Typical is 4.49 -- a little less is most areas of central NC.
Almost $4.50 in St. Louis Missouri today - these are the highest prices I've ever seen. St. Louis is normally one of the cheaper places in the country to fill up. Hopefully these prices will start coming down soon....
$4.69 in south Jersey. Hey, at least there is no shortage of toilet paper. No shortage of gas, oil companies just want to over charge like everyone else.
Most of the cost here in the UK is tax. The Govt dropped VAT by 5p p litre a few weeks ago but most retailers haven't passed on the saving to drivers
$5.80 gal for premium yesterday. $60 to fill up a small car. Rice and beans all week to save for my next tank of gas.