What's the price of gas where you live?


Rich Dahl

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We went up $.55 yesterday to $4.29 a gallon for reg. unleaded here in Prescott AZ
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Getting VERY close to $5.00 here in the Rockford IL metro. Though Costco and Sam's are holding the line in the $4.40 range. I think mowing the lawn will be costly this year. Diesel is over $5.00 now.
I paid $3.99 for 87 octane on Sunday (Over $60 to fill up my Outback :oops:). Most places are around $4.29 today, except Costco, which I think is at $3.99.

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two days ago, $3.68 in Hales Corners, Wisconsin
dunno about now, don't drive by any pumps unless i go into town.
i'm sure when i need to fill up, it'll be bull****.
for 92 octane, paid $5.099 today at Costco. I've paid more in the past so this isn't the worst of it.
$5.29 in Newport Beach, it was $4.49 a week ago and two blocks away in Costa Mesa it's $6.09.
People were lining up for it at Sam's Club today
It was a little ridiculous for 10:45 on a Tuesday morning.
It was $3.58 for 85
It's pretty easy to find it for 10 cents more around town, no line.
So that begs the question, how much is your time worth?