What's cooking this weekend?


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Won't be doing anything outside and probably nothing special inside. With my allergies just opening the door sets me off so grilling anything is off the list.
We won't know what Barb will be working until today when she goes in at 6am and gets next weeks schedule. I'm getting more worried about her safety as this monster grows. Safeway is pulling out all the things that they can do to help and protect their employees, but I'm starting to think this thing is going to be unstoppable for a lot longer than we think. Barb is working over 40 hours a week and that exposure and strain is starting to take a toll on both of us.
So we pretty much are just living day to day with no real plans for anything.

On a more positive note Barb and I are John Wayne fans and have his John Wayne Way to Grill Book which has some excellent recipes. I discovered that there is a second book John Wayne Cast Iron cook book. We both really like cooking on cast iron so I got the book through Amazon.
A couple of nights ago I made the skillet chicken parmesan, made it with my homemade marinara sauce over linguine. It was outstanding.
Last night we used the seasoning part of the recipe with the egg wash on some chicken thighs cooked on a wire rack in the oven. I think I've found my new kettle fried chicken coating incredibly tasty and a perfect crunch, can't wait to try it on the performer with the vortex.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Well just don't sneeze in public. You might get shot
You got that right this is AZ where carrying heat is a no permit required option and with what's going on almost everyone is doing so.
I haven't been out of the house now in 15 days and have no intention of doing so.


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Put a 3lb chuck on the Performer last night for chili. 1 charcoal basket about 3/4 full with two chunks of cherry and a chunk of pecan. Rubbed it down with leftover Chris Lily rub from last week's butt, then added a healthy dose of black pepper, white pepper and chili powder. Seared on each side for a few minutes, then indirect for about an hour to get some smoke on it (temps around 250). Then I cubed it up and made the chili. No pics of the finished product, but it was fantastic. Coming off the grill, the chuck was so good, that I wanted to just wrap it, put it back on for another hour and shred it for sandwiches. I'll have to grab another roast for that.


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George Roth

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I have 2 9-pound pork butts ready for either later today or tomorrow. Will use mustard and BRITU rub. Put new AAA batteries in my remote probe receiver and transmitter. I am ready.

Brad Olson

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I picked up a nice-looking 3 lb. brisket flat yesterday and it'll probably go in the WSM sometime Tuesday. Today I'll grill some uninteresting pork chops and tomorrow is ground beef taco night.

Bob Correll

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I'll be grilling ungraded strip steaks from Save-A-Lot.
Probably Select grade, beggars can't be choosers nowadays.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I’m doing a pair of pork steaks tonight, I might break out the gasser weather is just cloudy but, might get funky later.
Something to do anyway, do a spring burn off see how she runs.

Rich G

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Playing with flour today. English muffins are done, and 4 loaves of sourdough are in progress. We're planning on a big brunch if my kids ever get out of bed.....waffles, bacon, eggs, english muffins, etc. Tonight is probably just some store bought sausages.



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Ok, it's not "that" weekend, but now it's "this" weekend..... Just made Swedish Meatballs. The recipe was a first time for me, and turned out very well. Substitutions were....I used 100% ground pork (didn't have any beef), chicken stock (didn't have any beef), added a decent pinch of sage to the gravy (double batch, so probably a regular pinch for a single batch.) I loved it, wife loved it, kids loved it......

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Rich, THANK YOU - At last, a link to the recipe. lol Look really delicious. What else did you serve it with?

Rich G

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Rich, THANK YOU - At last, a link to the recipe. lol Look really delicious. What else did you serve it with?
I put the recipe in there just for you, Joan! :) We served the meatballs and sauce over wide egg noodles, with a side of oven roasted asparagus.



TVWBB Wizard
I put the recipe in there just for you, Joan! :) We served the meatballs and sauce over wide egg noodles, with a side of oven roasted asparagus.

Thank you, and the egg noodles are just what I was hoping you used. lol

Cliff Bartlett

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I've got some T Bones we bought at Safeway a couple of months ago and a nice little 3 lb. chicken, halved, that is destined for a hot and fast WSM cook. Haven't decided which will come first.


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Smoked meatloaf (ThermoWorks/Alton Brown's recipe) & mashed potatoes. Sent some around the corner to one of my coworkers for dinner, his wife is undergoing cancer treatment right now (she just got home this afternoon from a chemo treatment last week.)


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My take on Corona medicine Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, the company of my favorite little guy along with 12 yo scotch and some prime strip steaks. Good as it gets!


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I did some fridge scrounging.
Leftover roasted chicken carcass..
Some smoked polish, mac and cheese and green beans.
Made a stock with the carcass and used that to boil up a pound of UFO or saucer shaped pasta ( orecchiette 9 ).
Added the diagonal sliced sausage, M&C and GB's.
Came out pretty good for just winging it.:)