What's cooking this weekend?

Bob Correll

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Inside or outside, no pics needed.
I have a 2.75 lb. slab of 12 day cured belly getting cold smoked.
A little experiment using Kingsford Cherrywood, and sweet cherry wood from Fruita wood.
The briqs only have little chips near the outside, so I thought they would work great with the snake method.
Nice blue smoke coming out of the top vent, all vents open (it's 36 F outside) and the grill temp is holding at 90 F.


Rich G

Sounds great, Bob! I haven't done bacon in a while......if CostCo has any whole belly next time I'm over there, I'll get a slab or three going!

For me this weekend, just took bagels out of the oven, prepping my sourdough starter for a couple loaves of sandwich bread, daughter and I are going to make pasta later (maybe a chorizo "bolognese" sauce since I made some chorizo a while ago), and who knows what tomorrow will bring (my wife is heading to the store, so what protein will be on the shelf is a bit of russian roulette right now!) :)

If I make anything photo worthy, I'll throw it up in the Photo Gallery.

Stay well, and cook on!



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Just freezer/leftovers for me.
Got some vacpac pork chop suey and egg rolls for today. Either going to use rice or lo mein noodles.
Found a decent hunk of bbq ham gonna make a scalloped ham and potato casserole tomorrow.

Tim K

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I’ve had a Boston Butt thawing in the fridge since Wednesday, gonna trime it and apply the rub this afternoon, put it back in the fridge, and put it on the WSM around 07:00 tomorrow.

Rich Dahl

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Now that I'm the laundry man, house cleaner, head cook and dog sitter due to Barb being at work much more than before. I'm focusing on simple heat and eat things because Barb gets off a lot late into the evening. We very seldom get to eat together except for breakfast.
Made some individual pizza breads, casseroles, and soups. Froze them in single serving containers so Barb can just take one out and nuke it when she gets home. If I get the ambition today I'm going to make some bread.
Tonight I'll be making simple tacos and refried beans which is what she wanted and she gets home at about 6 pm tonight so we can have a meal together and watch a little TV (not the news).
Weather here has been miserable for the last two weeks, wind, snow, rain so the grills are not being used at all.

Rich G

Update....the protein selection at the store included a hunk of boston butt, and a whole chicken. I think I'll fire up the grill tomorrow and make some chile colorado. Not sure what I'll do with the chicken. Maybe some butter chicken in the Instapot.



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D Livingston

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Made some faux burnt ends and smoked a pork shoulder Saturday in a bit of snow (just a bit, but it was colder than it should have been).


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No pics but that salmon I hot smoked at my dad's was a HUGE hit. That old fart ate like it would be his last meal for a year. My brother in law as well. Wife made home made bread to go with, I grilled asparagus and braised some broccoli with olive oil, fresh garlic and hot chili flakes. Everything went.

Rich G

Ok, it's not "that" weekend, but now it's "this" weekend..... Just made Swedish Meatballs. The recipe was a first time for me, and turned out very well. Substitutions were....I used 100% ground pork (didn't have any beef), chicken stock (didn't have any beef), added a decent pinch of sage to the gravy (double batch, so probably a regular pinch for a single batch.) I loved it, wife loved it, kids loved it......


J Grotz

We’re having company for lunch on Saturday. Two couples are coming over with their own card table, chairs, food, utensils, etc. I’ll draw social separation lines in chalk on our driveway. We are having Chicken Caesar Salad. I sous vided B. S. chicken breasts last night and I made homemade Caesar dressing tonight. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be strange and normal at the same time.