What's cookin' for WSM Smoke Day 17?



Two racks of BB's and a pork butt. I'll throw on some sausage later in the cook. Sides, probably smoked beans and slaw. Apple crisp for desert.
Invited all of the kids and grand kids over on Saturday. Our annual family reunion is always on Sunday. Two days in a row of eating rather large. 😀

Larry D.

TVWBB Gold Member
I plan (subject to change) to hang a few racks of ribs. I also plan a "make your own pizza" session with my grandchildren, but probably not the same day. I have a dedicated kettle with a PizzaQue that I have been wanting to use for over a year.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
Most likely a brisket, it’s my John Wayne birthday party thing so, maybe a full smash with some shrimp, chicken, some form of pig and sausage. Possibly some home made ice cream.

Gib Gibson

TVWBB Member
Probably a pork shoulder. If I can hold off. I've been itching to do one but I don't want the wife to get burned out on the pork. She likes it, but can't eat it every day for a couple of weeks like I can. If I cave and do a butt before Memorial Day I may go with ribs. I did some last 4th of July for the first time and they were good. Probably a little too tender so I'll see if I can straighten that out.

On another note, I did purchase a deep freeze a couple of months ago in order to be able to better take advantage of sales whenever I spot them and save some money. It's paid off on a couple of items already.