Smoked and Braised Pulled Pork


Mike Coffman

TVWBB Olympian
Since I had to work this past weekend, this is my Smoke Day 10 contribution.

I “borrowed” the recipe from this video. It is a variation of the Hawaiian Pulled Pork that was shown on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

I cut up a 6 pound pork butt last night into softball and baseball sizes. I seasoned the pieces with Lambert’s Sweet Rub
O Mine. Put into the refrigerator for an overnight rest. Here they are getting up to room temperature while my WSM is
heating up.

WSM heated up to 225 and pork put on. I am using KBB with a few chunks of apricot and maple wood. Going to smoke it
for 3 hours.

At the 3 hour mark I pulled the cut up pork butt off the smoker and put it in a pan. I then used a can of Guinness Draught
and a half bottle of water and put enough in there to cover about a third of the pork pieces.

Wrapped the pan in foil and put back onto the WSM for the next 5 hours. This is a timed cook, not a by temperature cook.

At the 5 hour mark it is done. I had to check to see how tender it was and I barely twisted it with my tongs and it was
fall apart tender and juicy.


Plated with some homemade macaroni salad.

Great flavor, moist, tender and juicy. My wife says this is the way I should do our pork butts all the time.

Ed M.

Fantastic lookin' pulled pork sammy and salad, Mike!

Your pics, description and presentation are spot on, as always!

Thanks for sharing your Smoke Day cooks with us, my friend.


TVWBB Super Fan
Thanks for sharing. I used the process and it will be the way I make pulled pork from now on. Takes less time and still comes out just as tender. I did use apple cider in place of beer.


TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I've got a couple 10 LBS boneless butts for my son's HS graduation party this weekend. I might break the rule and "try something new" on a crowd. A very impressive cook Mike, hats off to you!

John Sp

TVWBB All-Star
Wow Mike - that is some great looking pig! I am in process on my mini 'Who Dat' WSM build. This might be the maiden voyage for it in a couple of weeks.



R L Bagwell

Mike, thanks for including the links - those victuals look darned tasty! I think I may debone one of my butts and try that method myself, although I'll probably use a 300º oven to braise the smoked chunks in an enameled Dutch oven...