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Has anyone ever set up a cook in their wsm in a garage. Xmas Eve is at my house this year. Smoked prime rib is on the menu. 50mph winds and snow in the forecast. I have done plenty of winter cooks before but not under these circumstances. I don't think just a tarp wind block set up will cut it so.... I was thinking of doing it in the garage. Leave the garage doors cracked open for air flow and hope for the best. Do any of you have thoughts on this.


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I've done it with the wsm just at the edge of the door to keep it out of the rain. I think actually doing it inside would be a really bad idea, even with the doors mostly open. I think keeping it under the eves wrapped with a welding blanket or water heater insulation would be your best bet. Maybe someone else has a better idea though?


The key is going to be keeping enough fresh air in the garage so you don't get carbon monoxide poisoning or even worse spread it into the house. How far you leave the garage door open. If it were me and it kept me out of the wind I'd open it all away. You can do it lots of guys do just be extremely careful

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I am far from a zero risk guy - BUT. Carbon Monoxide is nothing to mess with. I had a close call with it and it's insidious and deadly. Get a 4X8 sheet of plywood, brace it up, and cook outside. You can split the plywood sheet into two 4X4 sections and join with gate hinges. That gives you a V shaped wind break.

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Sad to say, this is a common occurence. Please, outdoor use only!

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One Thanksgiving long ago I did fry a turkey in the garage. The weather was really bad so I put both cars outside, kept the front and back doors partly open and put the fryer in the middle of the garage floor. I used welding gear for protection and watched many videos to prepare. It worked out great, however I can NOT recommend a lit charcoal smoker in the garage. A propane grill with the doors open could be done with enough ventalation. Also a good idea to have a CO2 detector and fire extinguisher very handy as I did.

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So see if you can find a place on the leeward (i.e. downwind) side of the house to locate the smoker. Using the house as a wind block is probably all you need. It will block a lot of rain snow too.

Bonus points if your sheltered spot is close to a door inside. You have a covered porch?

Putting a cooker in any garage is dangerous. An attached garage is riskiest. Since the CO can seep into the house.

Anne M.

I cook indoors on a charcoal braai or in the wsm all the time.
BUT, big caveat. I live in the tropics and house is open on 4 sides.
In your case: I agree with the posters above. It's not worth the risk!

Note: I'm just posting my situation in case anyone sees a pic of me cooking indoors and thinks it's a good plan.

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I’ve done it when it was raining once, garage door FULL OPEN and WSM just barely inside. Given the conditions over this weekend, I’d use the oven, not worth the risk.


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Welcome here Eli. And if you do take your WSM outside and erect a wind block I'm not smart enough to know how to design it to withstand those winds. Not to be negative, but an indoor [kitchen] rib roast would be my recommendation too.