Pastrami from SRF wagyu corned beef ???



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I'm going to search and read but the lazy side of me is hoping peeps will share what works for them.

Defrost in the fridge started last night.

I'm hoping to smoke this weekend but that's not a firm requirement.

I'm combining the suggestions from @Brett-EDH and @Chris Allingham and making it up as I get close to the finish time.

Soaked in cool water in the fridge for about 20 hours total with 4 water changes yesterday.


I trimmed the fat. I want bark more than fat and provided more water access to un brine the corned beef.


Rub is the amazing rib rub in the mclaren link above. I'll add a link if I get a chance.

I read the post mortem Brett wrote and crushed the peppercorns, coriander seeds and mustard seeds. I was pleasantly surprised that I had all the spices. After it was well pulverized I gave the beef a heavy coating. No binder was used I just worked it in with my hands wearing gloves.

I went with KPro since the bag was open and the briqs do well enough on a cook like this.

I've been using an inverted drop spider from my BGE to raise the deflector shield up about an inch and a half. I cover the deflector in foil so the smoke rolls around the edges, otherwise I poke holes in the foil near the edges so I don't smother the coal.


Meat is on. Using both a meater plus and a Smoke for temp monitoring. Meater plus went through a firmware update and didn't connect at first, but it finally synced with my tablet.

I decided to run the probe wire out the back where the gasket seam is. I get a little smoke leak there so it seems lik a good spot.

Off to the grocery store. I checked in once on the Meater cloud and all was within ranges so I didn't have to wonder.
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If it’s better… that’s going to be astronomically good! The first really loos great!
I’m not liking you much more, you’re doing too many fantastic looking cooks and I’m not getting any!😆
Soaked for about 24 hours with a couple water changes, then air dryed on a rack overnight.


Edit: Amazing ribs recipe, but I omitted the sugar for no reason. I just forgot to add it.


Ready for smoke.


JD chunks and some hickory


I did not trim the fat on the edge. We'll see if this was a good choice.


grilling chicken on the WSK for dinner so the BGE gets the smoke today.



I'll ease the temp up to around 250F grate.
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