1. John_NJ

    The Not Ready for Prime Time Player Gets Busy

    We were going to have a party at our house this weekend to celebrate my daughter’s confirmation. Due to some unforeseen matters requiring our time, we decided to just cater coffee hour after church. The menu will be brisket, pulled pork, penne with vodka sauce, potato salad, Cole slaw, fruit...
  2. Todd K Wisc

    Weber Summit Kamado - new owner questions / help needed

    I had an 18.5 WSM and 22" kettle that I purchased used. They've been great and I used my weber genesis gas grill so little I traded that to my brother-in-law for woodwork Anyway, I have been wanting to get an upgrade. I love the WSM, but it really is for low and slow only and hated the way...
  3. M

    Questions around Direct Cooking on WSK

    I have owned the WSK for about 9 months now and have done a couple low n slow cooks (pork butt, ribs) with success. I still have to work on the spatchcock chicken as I did that with the deflector on and a little higher temp (330F) and wasn’t satisfied with it. However, I have not done any direct...
  4. Brett-EDH

    🔯 Passover 2023 🔯 the cook starts this weekend

    Hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly. We’re hosting 20-24 people over two nights for Passover Seder. I’m thinking of smoking two 12-14# briskets, one for each night and making the assorted side dishes. So hang on and enjoy the ride. I’ll post here as this all comes together for...
  5. Brett-EDH

    4# flap carne asada

    Haven’t had a legit street taco in many weeks. So, time to solve my own problem. Defrosted this as part of the freezer purge we’re in. Costco’s finest flap steak. I buy them in cryovac bulk and then slightly trim and pack them to cook size portions. This will be for dinner tonight. So...
  6. Brett-EDH

    Double cut lamb lollipops

    Had these in the freezer and haven’t had lamb in a while. So double cut lollipops from two racks. Seasoned with fresh dried ground rosemary and black pepper till like dust. Then kosher salted. Rubbed in the meats, top, sides and bottom. Into the fridge for 6 hours, exposed. If the weather...
  7. D

    Cover for Summit

    Just purchased a WSK. Looking for a good cover. I bought Weber covers for the 22 before and they are not what I`m looking for. I`ve purchased from the Cover Store for my Kamado Joe classic and they are very nice covers and hold up well. I not sure if they make one for the E6. Any other good...
  8. Brett-EDH

    Mesquite turkey breast

    Setting this up to enjoy this week. SPG, cayenne and paprika dry rub. Will probe cook it to 160-162° then remove and wrap in plastic wrap so the breast absorbs all its own juices.
  9. DanHoo

    GO NINERS game day baby back ribs

    Made the rub last night. Rubbed on dry and let sit overnight on the garage fridge. The E330 makes a great prep station and a partial wind break. Broke out the weber briqs 15 briqs in a Weber chimney Lit with the Weber side burner on the E330 Mixed in weber hickory chunks Waiting for...
  10. John_NJ

    The Elusive 225

    I need some advice Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado owners: I have done a few low and slow cooks and as the thread title alludes to- I cannot get the grill to keep 225 degrees. I have been “fine tuning” both upper, and to a lesser extent lower vents, but as I am approaching a steady 225, the coals...
  11. Brett-EDH

    First cook where I’m not dodging rain in 2023

    And it feels good. Although a bit cold tonight, at 45° in shorts and flips. Pollo asada fajita style coming up.
  12. John K BBQ

    First Steaks of '23

    I finally lit some charcoal on my own patio last night! 4 prime strips from Sam's Club, served with olive oil charred garlic bread and simple romaine with lemon-garlic dressing and blue cheese crumbles Here we have the steaks. Trimmed, and salted about 3 hours before this, looking pretty...
  13. Bradley Mack

    Summit Charcoal cooks

    Nothing fancy. Just a good ol‘ fashion sirloin cap.
  14. Mike - LA

    WSK to the rescue on a cold rainy evening what’s yours doing?

    Pork tenderloins from Sams. Their meat market is always excellent and these four pack t-loins are always a good buy. We keep grilled vacuumed sealed in the freezer for easy meals and they heat and eat just like fresh off the grill as everyone knows. I posted the rub applied and used the charcoal...
  15. Brett-EDH

    Chili lime honey chicken thighs and one breast

    Something different. With homemade mashed pots and gravy. Zucchini latkes for Hanukkah which starts tonight Homemade applesauce with granny’s and red crisps.
  16. Brett-EDH

    In the rain carne asada

    I’m braving the elements here. Three day rain storm. Some carne asada and some grilled shrimps coming up. Along with frijoles negros and MX rice.
  17. Mike - LA

    WSK & Vortex is a match made in cooking excellence

    This pairing is incredible for chicken cooking any part of the ol bird. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for variances outside of the straight forward I’d like to hear them…and see.
  18. ZachMendel

    Flap Meat Steak on the WSK

    Breaking in the WSK with some Flap Meat. Do you think I got it hot enough? 😂 Marinade: Lemon juice Coriander Cumin Paprika Garlic powder Cayenne powder Olive oil Salt Pepper
  19. Brett-EDH

    Chicken shawarma and more

    Thighs, only. Fresh hummus, whipped. Like eating clouds. Salad Chicken flavored basmati rice with Italian parsley Fresh Meyer lemon from the tree Chef’s 🧑‍🍳 plate
  20. John K BBQ

    Bone In Turkey Breast on WSK

    I did a 9 lb bone in turkey breast for Thanksgiving this year. Thawed well in advance, and then dry brined with my own SPG seasoning for 2 full days in the fridge. I put the WSK's charcoal grate on the bottom, and used the weber charcoal baskets, I put about 8 fresh briqs in the bottom of...