1. P

    First cook on the Weber Summit Kamado E6 - pulled pork

    HI everyone, finally pulled the trigger on my WSK purchase and it arrives on Friday. I've order an amazing pork butt from an excellent butcher here in the UK and can't wait to get it on! Wanted to get any advice from you wise people here on the cook. I've cooked a number of pork butts on Weber...
  2. John_NJ

    What’s Grilling? - Weber Charcoal/ Kamado Edition

    Beef rib roast with toasted hazelnut pesto, oven roasted creamer potatoes and asparagus on the menu tonight The toasted hazelnut pesto was a nice accompaniment, photo taken afterwards
  3. Brett-EDH

    The Porchetta 🐖

    Got ‘er seasoned up, rolled and tied. Here’s the play by play. I trimmed 1# 9oz off the belly for size, so it fits on my sheet tray nicely. So I’m cooking around a 7# fat cigar here. Lotta fresh garlic, and my own dried herbs (more potent than store junk) of basil, Italian parsley, rosemary...
  4. Chris Allingham

    SOLD: Considering selling my Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Center

    On the continuing subject of thinning the herd...I'm considering selling my 2016 Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Center, known today as Summit Kamado S6. First year of issue for this grill. I know you all probably think or assume that I'm a prolific charcoal griller, but I'm not. We use our...
  5. Brett-EDH

    25/25/50 short rib, brisket and chuck burgers

    Ground up around 6# beef total First pass Formed all the patties. Around 6 oz each, 170g. Residual coals from the 3 hour turkey breast smoke. First time I’ve ever turned the grill over from smoker to grill back to back. Super easy. No issues whatever. Added some more JD. These are...
  6. R

    Pork Steaks

    I've been wanting to try some pork steaks on the WSK. Bought the 2 pack of boneless butts at Costco thinking it would make life easy to cut my own steaks. It's been a while since I bought any of these and forgot that their de-boning process chops up the shape pretty bad. No big deal but I could...
  7. M

    Charcoal grate rust question

    Hi Everyone, I bought a WSK E6 about a month ago and am beginning to get some heavy rust on the fire grate. Before anyone asks, once I shut it down, I reopen the bottom and top vent to let any humidity out. Just curious what your thoughts are on this, the grill lives under a covered patio so it...
  8. JohnTak

    Kamado joetisserie for WSK?

    Does anyone know for sure if a Big Joetisserie will fit a WSK? I have Googled this and one guy said the bottom lip that fits inside the ceramic kamado needs to be removed another guy said he just set it on his WSK and it was fine. The Amazon product info says it is made to fit 24" kamados.
  9. John_NJ

    Weber Summit Charcoal Rotisserie

    Anyone have a rotisserie for their Summit Charcoal/ Kamado? I have a quote from Europe for one, around $350 total. Thinking about getting it and wanted to see if anyone else is running one. Thanks in advance
  10. DanHoo

    Kick Ash Basket for Summit Kamado and Charcoal

    I was going to post this in the summit charcoal / kamado forum but, oh yeah, we don't have one. KA has a basket for the WSK. I have a KA basket for my large BGE and its great to be able to pull the basket with coal to light it over a gas burner or to aid cleaning without losing a bunch of...
  11. JohnTak

    BLSL thighs

    Boneless, skinless chicken thighs marinated in Weber recipe marinade. Yummy, I haven’t made them in a while.
  12. T

    New old stock Summit Charcoal

    Was lucky to come into a new-in-box Summit Charcoal at an unbelievable price. Just assembled and very pleased with the quality of the grill and excited to get to cooking on it. I had a couple questions for members who have either this or a Kamado. 1.) How much charcoal should I expect to need...
  13. ZachMendel

    Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

    Some spares
  14. John_NJ

    The Not Ready for Prime Time Player Gets Busy

    We were going to have a party at our house this weekend to celebrate my daughter’s confirmation. Due to some unforeseen matters requiring our time, we decided to just cater coffee hour after church. The menu will be brisket, pulled pork, penne with vodka sauce, potato salad, Cole slaw, fruit...
  15. Todd K Wisc

    Weber Summit Kamado - new owner questions / help needed

    I had an 18.5 WSM and 22" kettle that I purchased used. They've been great and I used my weber genesis gas grill so little I traded that to my brother-in-law for woodwork Anyway, I have been wanting to get an upgrade. I love the WSM, but it really is for low and slow only and hated the way...
  16. M

    Questions around Direct Cooking on WSK

    I have owned the WSK for about 9 months now and have done a couple low n slow cooks (pork butt, ribs) with success. I still have to work on the spatchcock chicken as I did that with the deflector on and a little higher temp (330F) and wasn’t satisfied with it. However, I have not done any direct...
  17. Brett-EDH

    🔯 Passover 2023 🔯 the cook starts this weekend

    Hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly. We’re hosting 20-24 people over two nights for Passover Seder. I’m thinking of smoking two 12-14# briskets, one for each night and making the assorted side dishes. So hang on and enjoy the ride. I’ll post here as this all comes together for...
  18. Brett-EDH

    4# flap carne asada

    Haven’t had a legit street taco in many weeks. So, time to solve my own problem. Defrosted this as part of the freezer purge we’re in. Costco’s finest flap steak. I buy them in cryovac bulk and then slightly trim and pack them to cook size portions. This will be for dinner tonight. So...
  19. Brett-EDH

    Double cut lamb lollipops

    Had these in the freezer and haven’t had lamb in a while. So double cut lollipops from two racks. Seasoned with fresh dried ground rosemary and black pepper till like dust. Then kosher salted. Rubbed in the meats, top, sides and bottom. Into the fridge for 6 hours, exposed. If the weather...
  20. D

    Cover for Summit

    Just purchased a WSK. Looking for a good cover. I bought Weber covers for the 22 before and they are not what I`m looking for. I`ve purchased from the Cover Store for my Kamado Joe classic and they are very nice covers and hold up well. I not sure if they make one for the E6. Any other good...